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Quality Comparison Between Metal Wood Grain Chair And Solid Wood Chair


There's no doubt that solid wooden chairs look good & can imbue any atmosphere with a feeling of luxury, sophistication, & timeless elegance.  However, the great aesthetic appeal of the solid wood chair isn't enough to make durable commercial furniture.

In any commercial space, a high level of wear and tear is expected, which is not ideal for a wooden chair at all. From exposure to humidity to temperature changes to heavy usage, all of these factors can affect the appearance & durability of a chair.

So, what's the solution to all of this? The answer is Metal Wood Grain chairs that bring the looks of a solid wooden chair without all the drawbacks associated with the wooden material. Now, you may ask what a metal wood grain chair is and how it is made.

Well, that's exactly what we will discuss today, and by the end of this blog post, you will be convinced that metal wood grain chairs are the ideal commercial chairs!


Metal Wood Grain Chairs vs. Solid Wood Chairs

What is a metal wood grain chair? In simple words, the metal wood grain chair features a unique design that combines the elegance of wood with the strength of metal. Metal wood grain chair is made from high-quality metal that is treated with a special wood grain finish to create a beautiful, natural-looking texture. Thus, people can get a solid wood texture on a metallic surface. On the contrary, solid wood is a natural material that's available all over the world. Basically, any chair made using wood only is classified as a solid wooden chair.

Since solid wood is a porous hygroscopic material, it tends to absorb moisture and is more susceptible to changes in thermal expansion and contraction. This means the environmental humidity can cause unevenness or swelling of the wooden frame of a chair. In addition, solid wood chairs are joined by tenons, which increases the chances of bursting or loosening due to thermal expansion and contraction. It can also show scratches and wear, even with finishing and regular treatments. If your commercial place is a high-traffic area, solid wood may start to show its age sooner than it should!

Now, let's discuss the Metal Wood Grain chair in more detail:

Metal wood grain chairs are made by connecting different metallic tubes via welding.  When compared with solid wooden chairs, metal wood grain chairs do not cause problems like cracking or loosening over time despite a change in temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, all Yumeya’s Wood Grain Metal Chairs pass the strength test of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. It can bear more than 500 pounds. Yumeya provides a 10-year frame warranty for all metal wood grain chairs. During 10 years, if there is any quality problem with the frame, Yumeya will replace a new chair for you. As the only Chinese manufacturer in the industry that provides a 10-year frame warranty, we understand the requirements of commercial chairs better than anyone else.

Quality Comparison Between Metal Wood Grain Chair And Solid Wood Chair 1Quality Comparison Between Metal Wood Grain Chair And Solid Wood Chair 2


How Does Yumeya Ensure The Safety of Chairs?

Here's a quick overview of how Yumeya ensures the highest safety standards for all the chairs manufactured by them:

  •      Yumeya uses 6061grade aluminum, which is the highest level in the furniture industry, and the hardness is improved more than 2 times.
  •      The thickness of Yumeya’s metal wood grain chair is more than 2.0mm, and the strength parts are even more than 4mm.
  •      Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain chair adopts a patented strength tubing and structure, which can enhance the strength of the chair.

Metal wood grain chairs combine the advantages of metal chairs and solid wood chairs. In short, you get the “metal strength” and “solid wood texture” in one package.

As the metal wood grain chair has a realistic solid wood texture effect, many clients usually think that Yumeya delivered the wrong goods in the form of solid wood chairs. In reality, these are metal wood grain chairs that feel like 100% solid wooden chairs. That fact alone is enough to highlight that our wood grain metallic chairs look & feel as if they are actually solid wood chairs!

Quality Comparison Between Metal Wood Grain Chair And Solid Wood Chair 3Quality Comparison Between Metal Wood Grain Chair And Solid Wood Chair 4

How can Yumeya make such a good solid wood texture effect?

Yumeya has achieved the effect of one-to-one matching of wood grain paper and frame through a PCM machine. Similarly, the joints between piping are covered with clear wood grain without leaving any large seams or uncovered areas. Besides, there are two key points to get a more realistic wood grain texture:

Through the cooperation with Tiger powder Coat, the color rendering of wood grain on the powder is improved, and the wood grain is clearer. Meanwhile, Yumeya developed a special high temperature resistance PVC mold, which can ensure full contact between wood grain.



The clients will consume only when the chairs ensure safety. Metal wood grain chair is a high quality product and a 10-year frame warranty can make you worry free after-sales and realize 0 maintenance cost. You dont need to replace your furniture frequently. Buying high-quality metal wood grain chairs from Yumeya can undoubtedly help enhance your brand competitiveness. If you want to learn about Yumeya high-quality products, please feel free to contact us.

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