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How to Choose Chairs For Your Wedding?


The wedding day is most definitely one of the most joyous occasions for the couple, family members, & friends. However, there are a lot of elements & meticulous planning that are needed to ensure that the big day is as memorable & perfect as it can be.

If we have to highlight one particular thing that will be needed the most for your wedding, it would be chairs & a lot of them. If you think about it, chairs are needed at every step of the way, from the reception to the ceremony & everything in between. That's why a general rule of thumb is that one needs  more chairs than what's initially thought for the wedding.

The number of chairs is just part of the equation, as there are so many other things associated with the chairs. From the design to the color to the comfort level, all of these factors can help you achieve the right ambiance at the wedding.

That's why today, we will look at how to choose the best chairs for weddings so you can make your big day more special & extraordinary!


Top 5 Tips to Choose Chairs for Wedding

The following tips will allow you to pick the right type of chairs for the big day:

1.  Consider the Style

You would be surprised to know that there are more styles of wedding chairs than you can count!  However, the chairs designed for weddings are usually a little different than the average banquet chairs. For example, traditional wedding events need luxurious & elegant chairs, while a conference chair doesn't need to exhibit these properties.

One particular chair style that's common in most weddings is the "chiavari chairs," which contain all the properties needed in a traditional wedding chair.  These types of chairs are perfect if your wedding theme is formal & traditional. On the other hand, luxury stainless steel chairs may be the answer if you are looking for romantic and luxurious wedding. These chairs exude elegance and sophistication, ensuring a memorable and breathtaking experience for you and your beloved guests. Combining sleek stainless steel with timeless design, they are the epitome of modern luxury. 

The bottom line is that you need to pick the right style of chair based on the theme of your wedding. Consulting the banquet hall or a reputable chair manufacturer can help you pick the right design.


2. Choose the Color

Just like there are numerous chair designs, they also come in a lot of colors as well. For example, Yumeya offers wedding chairs in golden, white, grey, light green,  natural wood, & tons of other colors. So the next factor you need to decide to buy the right chair for the wedding is choosing the right color.

This one is actually very easy, as you just need to follow the color code of the overall theme.  If you are going for a more luxurious style, the white & golden colors can be the right choice.  Similarly, going for black, red, or natural wood styles allows you to be bold with your wedding theme.

As long as you choose the color based on your personal preference and the theme requirements, you are making the right choice.


3. Pick the Padding Color

Yes, you also need to pick the padding color, as many chair manufacturers offer different color varieties for the seat padding & the backrest.    Depending on the requirement, the color of the padding can be the same as the rest of the chair or totally different to create a nice contrast. Once again, choosing the padding color will be a matter of personal preference and the theme requirements of the wedding. The key is to pick a color that can help create a warm & welcoming environment for the guests of the wedding.


4. Prioritize Durability

The last thing you would want at your wedding is wobbling chairs or an injury to a guest due to a chair breakdown.  You would be surprised to know that many manufacturers cut costs by producing chairs from low-quality materials. Although this leads to reduced costs, the end result is a chair that is not durable at all. That's why another factor to remember when looking for a commercial banquet is to never compromise on durability.  As a general rule of thumb, you only get what you are paying for.  So, if you are paying dirt-cheap for a set of wedding chairs, there's a good chance they are built from non-durable materials.

At Yumeya, we believe durability is one of the essential components of wedding chairs. This is the reason why the Chiavari chairs or any other wedding chairs from Yumya are built with durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum. To give you an idea, the stackable wedding chairs from Yumeya can hold 500 lbs weight easily!     That fact alone is enough to gauge the durability of the chairs produced by Yumeya.


5. Consider the Table Design

On your mission to acquire the best wedding chairs, don't forget about the tables as well!     Normally, round tables are used in traditional weddings, along with napkins & linen tablecloths.   For these tables, the best choice is the Chiavari chairs.On the contrary, a rustic-themed wedding means you will have to choose a different table design.    In that case, the chair design will also change depending on the table design. The bottom line is that the chair design should complement the table design rather than appear odd or out of place. 

Where To Buy Chiavari Chairs For Wedding?

Did you wish there was a trusted supplier of gold Chiavari chairs? Perhaps you are looking for silver Chiavari chairs to complement the wedding theme? Maybe you like things simple and need white chairs with a classic design?

Whatever the design or color requirements, you can rely on Yumeya to buy Chiavari chairs with exceptional durability & great build quality.

We have decades of experience in this field & know the right recipe for manufacturing wedding chairs that can turn the big day into a spectacular event! So whether you are looking to buy chairs for your own wedding or you are a banquet hall/event planner looking for a reliable partner, Yumeya is the answer. Contact us today with your requirements, and we will get back to you in no time.

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