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Yumeya's 5,000,000th Metal Wood Grain Chairs Successfully Launched!


Today, Yumeya celebrated a milestone achievement when the successful launch of Yumeya's 5,000,000th Metal Wood Grain chair. This achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedication.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we held a joyous celebration at our company. More than 120 employees joined the party to share the excitement and pride of this extraordinary achievement. Mr. Gong, founder of Yumeya Furniture and developer of Metal Wood Grain Technology, delivered an important speech and conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the party. 

“Today marks a momentous milestone for Yumeya Metal Wood grain Technology as we proudly unveil our 50,000,000th of Metal Wood Grain Chair! In the future, we will invest more resources and develop more products with good design and excellent quality, hoping to create higher value for our customers. We look forward to pushing boundaries, achieving new milestones. ” said Mr.Gong , Yuemya’s GM.

Yumeya's 5,000,000th  Metal Wood Grain Chairs Successfully Launched!  1

Yumeya's 5,000,000th  Metal Wood Grain Chairs Successfully Launched!  2

Ever since Mr. Gong Zhiming, the founder of Yumeya Furniture, invented the world's first Metal Wood Grain Chair in 1998, we have been revolutionizing the furniture industry. Metal Wood Grain Chair represents a stunning fusion of elegance and durability.  Actually, Metal Wood Grain is special technology that people can get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal. The continuous development and growth of our metal wood grain technology over the past 25 years have propelled us to new heights. By exploring and implementing the most advanced techniques and technologies, Yumeya has successfully positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of metal wood grain chairs. 

Metal Wood Grain Chair ushered a great development in the market. Now more and more forward-looking customers are choosing metal wood grain as their new weapon to expand their market in the economic downturn. Metal Wood Grain chair have a solid wood look but with  metal strength which will not affected by the temperature and humidity in the air causing looseness. Besides, Metal Wood Grain chair is 50% of price cheaper than solid wood chair in the same quality level. It means that you only spend 50% price on metal wood grain chair but get 100% high end solid wood chairs quality. At Yumeya, all metal wood grain chair can bear more than 500lbs and with 10-years frame warranty,you dont need to replace costly furniture, 0$ after-sale cost free you from any worries. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and innovative thinking, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain products can be applied in various commercial fields such as restaurants, wedding, senior living&health care, hotels, cruise ships, and even outdoor areas,including commercial dining chair, stackable banquet chairs, hotel conference chairs,  senior living chairs and so on. It becomes a favorable solution for pain points in multiple industries.

The Incomparable Advantages of Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Chairs

---No joint & no gap

Yumeya has achieved the effect of one-to-one matching of wood grain paper and chair frame through PCM machine. The joints between piping can be covered with clear wood grain, without too large seams or no covered wood grain.

---Clear as real wood grain

All surfaces of the whole chair are covered with clear and natural wood grain, and the problem of fuzzy and unclear texture will not appear. Through our cooperation with famous Tiger Powder Coat, the color rendering of wood grain on the powder is improved and the wood grain is clearer. Even if you look closely, you will have an illusion that this is a solid wood chair.


Yumeya cooperate with Tiger Powder Coat, a world-famous professional metal powder brand, Yumeyas wood grain can be 3 times durable than similar products in the market.  Besides, even the most demanding daily cleaning conditions, including bleach, will not damage the finish and appearance.

Above all, we owe a massive thank you to our loyal customers and supporters, who have believed in and embraced Yumeya's Metal Wood Grain Chair. As we bask in the pride of this accomplishment, we remain as dedicated as ever to pushing boundaries and creating better products. Welcome to contact us to know more metal wood grain chairs! 

Yumeya's 5,000,000th  Metal Wood Grain Chairs Successfully Launched!  3

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