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Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall


Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall 1

Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall 2

Location:Tuen Mun Town Hall, 3 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun,Hong Kong

A pioneer of bringing the "Dim Sum Cart" into an elegant dining ambience, Maxim's Palace has helped to shape the Chinese restaurant culture that many of us so fondly remember.

 Every day, Maxim's Palace crafts quality Cantonese dim sum and dishes with the same skill and passion renowned since the very beginning. Driven with a dedication to bringing out the best in every ingredient, Maxim's Palace have created memories of great taste and delightful moments for countless families with every dish. 

 Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall 3

Maxim's Palace understand the key ingredient in a heart-warming dining experience - an authentic taste of Hong Kong, a taste of memories people treasure and share.

The banquet hall of Maxim's Palace adopts a Chinese decoration style, with crystal lighting at the top and elegant hall design that presents a sense of luxury. Mr. Chan, the lobby manager said, ' Maxim's Palace caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, usually lasting more than 12 hours a day. Therefore, after the banquet hall is renovated, we would like to apply more durable chairs with good design, which can make our venue look even more high-end.'

 Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall 4

Yumeya provided Maxim's Palace with wood grain metal ghost chair,the stylish decorative fan back to give a classic refined look.The detachable seat cushion and tapered chair legs create a delicate appearance, based on ergonomic design, and the comfort is also very outstanding.

 Although having the appearance of solid wood chairs, these chairs are actually aluminum chairs, bringing better strength. The frame thickness of Yumeya's metal banquet chairs reaches 2.0mm, the stressed part is even more than 4.0mm, with patented tubing and structure, strong enough to carry a weight of 500pounds. The fabric wear resistance of the seat back and cushion reaches 80000 Martindale, which is sufficient to cope with daily high-frequency use. The chairs are used stain-resistant materials and easy-to-clean surfaces simplify the cleaning process, saving both time and effort.

 Maxim's Palace in Tuen Mun Town Hall 5

With the these elegant banquet chairs, maintaining an impeccable appearance is a breeze, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional service rather than laborious repair. This trouble-free servicing ensures that the dining domains remain welcoming for the guests. In addition, we also offer 10 year frame and a mold foam warranty to reduce the frequency of replacing chairs.

 'Our banquet hall need to be rearranged according to different usage environments, Yumeya banquet chairs are lightweight which is very helpful for us. Even female employees can easily move them. 'The lightweight feature has made wood grain metal chairs increasingly popular in restaurants.

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