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Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen


Address: Oval Hotel Adelaide Oval, King William Rd, North Adelaide SA 5006 Austraila

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen 1

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen is a stylish restaurant located in North Adelaide, Australia. This place has all the things a guest would need, such as a fireplace, great cocktails, and happy hour food! If you think about it, a combination of all these 3 items is enough to turn any place into an amazing restaurant!

The menu offered by the Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen is packed with fresh & local flavors. This enables this restaurant to serve food & drinks only using the best ingredients. In addition, they also incorporate the use of coal & wood fire in the culinary process to bring the best taste to the guests.

So whether someone needs a relaxed lunch or just a quick snack before heading back to a meeting, the simple & flavorful menu of Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen caters to everyone.

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen 2

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen is regarded as one of the best restaurants in North Adelaide. This reputation is due to their great food and fine craftsmanship that is evident in every little detail from the menu to staff to chairs!

The Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen has partnered up with Yumeya to acquire their highly durable & comfortable commercial chairs. This has allowed this restaurant to uphold a stylish & contemporary theme that extends from the menu to the very chairs that cradle its patrons.

The chairs from Yumeya have enabled the Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen to blend aesthetics & functionality seamlessly. On the one hand, Yumeya chairs complement the restaurant's theme and enhance the overall ambiance. On the other hand, the sleek & modern design of Yumeya chairs adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the stylish atmosphere that defines the restaurant.

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen 3

As a result, the guests of Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen get to embark on a culinary journey while also relaxing in a visually delightful environment.

The Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen's partnership with Yumeya has also allowed them access to highly durable chairs. All the chairs from Yumeya are built with highly durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. This not only ensures longevity but also aligns seamlessly with the restaurant's commitment to quality.

In addition, the choice of materials also reflects the establishment's dedication to providing a comfortable and lasting dining experience.

However, the one particular benefit offered by Yumeya, which proved to be the deal breaker for Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen, was the 10-year warranty. For this establishment in North Adelaide, such a long warranty expressed Yumeya's confidence in its products.

This warranty not only speaks to the reliability of the chairs but also underscores Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen's commitment to investing in furnishings that stand the test of time.

Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen 4

This has also allowed the guests to enjoy the tranquility of the restaurant's environment while sitting in the lap of comfort, knowing that a decade-long assurance of quality backs the chairs.

That's why even the guests of Bespoke Wine Bar & Kitchen praise the "tranquil environment" and "comfy seats"! This is a testament to the success of this careful selection, ensuring that every guest enjoys not only the delectable offerings but also the comfort and style that define the restaurant's dining experience.

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