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Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras


Address:Res. Los Arcos, Blvr. del Sur, San Pedro Sula 21104 HondurasCopantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 1Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 2

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center is located in the heart of San Pedro Sula city (Honduras). All the amenities that are expected from such a property are available to guests. This includes an outdoor swimming pool, WiFi, TV, air conditioning, furnished bathrooms, & so on.

Location-wise, Copantl Hotel & Convention Center is only 3 km away from the San Pedro Sula Central Park. So, for the hotel guests & those visiting the convention center, this ideal location provides close access to all major attractions.

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 3

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center also features one of the best restaurants in town named 'La Churrasqueria Steak House que'. This restaurant is present on the hotel's 7th floor and offers a stunning view of the San Pedro Sula. From local delicacies to international cuisine, Copantl Hotel & Convention Center offers it all.

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center needed a reliable manufacturer of durable & stylish chairs for its upscale 3-star hotel. One of the biggest requirements of Copantl Hotel & Convention Center was that the chairs must complement the luxurious ambiance of the establishment.

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 4

After looking through various options, they discovered Yumeya and finally selected them as the provider of commercial chairs. The choice to go with Yumeya has allowed Copantl Hotel & Convention Center to get access to a wide variety of quality chairs at affordable rates.

Yumeya stood out as the ideal choice for the Copantl Hotel & Convention Center for several reasons. The most obvious reason was that the commercial chairs from Yumeya were affordable yet durable. This has allowed the Copantl Hotel & Convention Center to maintain high standards while remaining cost-effective.

Another key consideration for Copantl was the durability & metal construction of Yumeya's chairs, which has addressed this concern admirably. The use of metal frames allows the Yumeya's chairs to keep rust at bay while also guaranteeing that they can withstand heavy usage in a bustling hotel like this.

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 5

Comfort was another paramount factor in the decision-making process. Yumeya's chairs boast ergonomic designs and high-quality padding, which allows the guests to experience ultimate comfort.

Furthermore, the extensive color & design options of Yumeya chairs have also enabled Copantl to create a visually appealing atmosphere in both the convention center & the hotel.

Copantl Hotel & Convention Center Honduras 6

One of the most enticing aspects of choosing Yumeya was the 10-year warranty that accompanied their chairs. This has allowed Copantl to know the fact that their investment in quality seating solutions is backed with a decade-long guarantee.

In conclusion, the partnership with Yumeya has proven to be a wise choice, contributing to the overall satisfaction of guests and enhancing the upscale experience that defines Copantl Hotel & Convention Center.

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