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Address sky view Dubai


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Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Boulevard Downtown Dubai, PO Box 111969 Dubai, UAE

  Address Hotels + Resorts is the first brand launched by Emaar Hospitality Group.The premium luxury hotel group has positioned itself as a choice perfect for business, leisure and group travellers.Address has brought a fresh identity to the global hospitality and service sector by setting new benchmarks with its gracious hospitality and exceptional service standards.

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Address Sky View is one of the many properties at Address Hotels + Resorts. There, premier rooms with their lavish fittings and spacious interiors decorated in luscious cream and dark wood hues, provide a sense of opulent luxury.Not only does it have a comfortable environment, but it also offers sparkling views of Downtown Dubai.Besides offering dedicated rooms & suites, this hotel also offers event venues for weddings, social gatherings, meeting or whatever you have in mind! Contemporary and elegant, all of the venues transcend the lavish to become legendary, leaving you a fantastic day there.Address sky view Dubai 4

In famous hotels like Address Sky View, various activities are held every day, including weddings, parties, company meetings, etc. This means that Address Sky View must always have the best equipment available, including furniture. Fortunately, in Address Sky View, they don't have to worry about the condition of their chairs as they were purchased from Yumeya Furniture. Yumeya provides this hotel with a variety of carefully designed chairs to adapt to different themes and meet the needs of various event types. The event manager of Address Sky View said, "Yumeya's staff are creative and incorporate our ideas into the chair design to ensure it works properly. Elegance and elegance modernize the appearance and comfort of our chairs, and enhance the indoor exquisite atmosphere with the inherent charm and exquisite craftsmanship of the chairs.Address sky view Dubai 5

One of the best things about Yumeya Furniture is that they seamlessly blend comfort, durability, and aesthetics through chairs. When it comes to durability, the elegant and elegant chair is made of high-quality 2.0mm thick aluminum material, with reinforced tubing and built in the structure, the strength is at least doubled than the regular. Yumeya's chair can bear 500 pounds and comes with a 10-year frame and mold foam warranty, making it very durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear, enabling Address Sky View to provide customers with unwavering confidence with the best service. All of Yumeya's chairs have been used in Address Sky View for 3 years and have survived approximately 1000 wedding banquets and conferences without any damage at the moment. The next feature is its unparalleled comfort, with ergonomic chairs designed to ensure that guests participate in every activity and enjoy every meal without feeling physically tired. The seat is filled with high resilience foam , which will not deform even after 5 years of use, maintaining the original shape and elasticity. In addition, the lightweight and stackable performance of Yumeya chairs is crucial for hotel operations. In Address Sky View, each event can accommodate at least 500 to 800 people. For a large number of chairs, the stackable performance can save storage space and costs. When it is necessary to mobilize the chair resources, a lightweight chair is beneficial for staff to quickly transport and arrange.Address sky view Dubai 6

For Address Sky View , Yumeya Furniture has thoughtfully provided an array of seating options, including banquet chairs, dining chairs, cafe chairs and room chairs and so on. Yumeya has established a fruitful partnership with Address Sky View, and  the high-end furniture has made the hotel's suites room and social activities legendary. Bring five-star comfort and service to guests.

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