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Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games


Are you a hotel owner preparing to welcome guests during the Olympic Games or have a hotel project in hand? Make sure your hotel is equipped with top quality seating solutions from Yumeya. Our range of stylish, comfortable seating is perfect for creating a luxurious and cosy atmosphere for your guests.

    From elegant banquet hall seating to cozy guest room chairs, Yumeya offers a wide selection of seating solutions to meet your hotel's unique needs. Our expertly crafted furniture is designed with both style and durability in mind, ensuring that your investment will last for many seasons to come.

    Read on to see some of our recommendations for hotel chairs that will make venues shine!


Meeting Room Chairs

  • Prisma 5704 Series

Introducing the remarkable YW5704 conference chair. The thoughtful armrest design and the option to add metal castors to the base aim to enhance comfort and promote a more relaxed working environment. These features are carefully curated to ensure that guests can comfortably spend extended hours in meetings or conferences without any unnecessary strain.

Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 1

  • Wiz MP001 Series

Experience a new level of comfort and functionality with MP001 series stackable conference chair, where style meets superior design for a truly innovative seating solution. The two adjacent legs can stacked on top of each other, always chaining from left to right. They are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble and take up very little storage space.

Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 2

  • Hot 1041 Series

Hot 1041 Series is an attractive and practical stackable conference chair/ event chairs. This meeting chairs are highly durable and ultra-light, making this a popular chair for conference and event facilities of all sizes.

 Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 3

Banquet Hall Chairs

  • Arcus 3521 Series

Arcus 3521 series is an elegant and versatile banquet chair that fits a wide variety of spaces—from upscale banquet to large conference venues. This collection contains side chairs and high bars constructed from stainless steel and steel materials. The lightweight, durable frame can be finished with polish process or a powder-coated finish.

Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 4

  • Adamas 1398 Series

Adamas 1398 Series is a hot-selling chair for banquet events with a unique, elegant style all its own. This unique stacking banquet chair adds distinction and sophistication to banquet settings. The molded foam on the seat and back deliver the best in comfort. They offer excellent value with premium features for a great price.

 Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 5

Hotel Guest Room Chairs

  • Comfort 1115 Series

Crafted with comfort and durability in mind, these chair is designed to provide a cozy and inviting seating option for hotel guests. The chairs are generously sized and luxuriously comfortable. The aluminum frame supports an luxury back and seat cushion that can hold up to 500 pounds and comes with a 10-year frame warranty.

Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 6

  • Repose 5532 Series

This collection consists of luxurious room chairs with armrests, which are sophisticated hotel room chairs and features a timeless design and superior comfort.The modern, aluminum frame is coated with wood grain finish.Both the seat and backrest are with soft, durable cushions

 Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 7

Hotel banquet table/ buffet table

  • GT601 banquet table

GT601 Round Folding Tables are built with high quality plywood and  reinforced steel legs. These banquet tables are top sellers due to their exceptional strength and reliability. They are easy to set up and take down. These ultra-durable banquet and event tables are crafted to withstand the test of time, designed to last for years on end.

Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 8

  • BF6059 Buffet Table

Elevate your guest’s dining experience with BF6059 Buffet Tables. This buffet table is built with metal wood grain steel frame and available with 3 types table top including Marble Tabletop, Fireproof Board Tabletop and Glass TableTop. This BF6059 is equiped with casters making it convient. This mobile buffet table is built to last through years of commercial use.

 Yumeya Seating Solutions For Hotels Around The Olympic Games 9

 End Note:

Impress your guests and enhance their experience by choosing Yumeya seating solutions for your hotel around the Olympic Games. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you create a welcoming and comfortable space for your visitors. 

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