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Employee Unity Strengthened Through Tug of War Competition


Yumeya Furniture recently held a spirited tug-of-war competition as part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen unity and enhance company culture. The event brought together employees from across all departments, fostering teamwork and camaraderie in a fun and competitive environment.

The tug-of-war competition was held on the company premises. The competition saw participants from various departments enthusiastically pulling on the ropes, showcasing their strength, teamwork, and determination. It was a lively and spirited event, with cheers and chants filling the air as teams vied for victory.

Employee Unity Strengthened Through Tug of War Competition 1

Employee Unity Strengthened Through Tug of War Competition 2

The event served as a platform for employees to interact outside of their daily work routines, fostering relationships and promoting a sense of togetherness among colleagues. By working together towards a shared objective, employees were able to strengthen their relationships, build trust, and boost morale.

Commenting on the success of the event, Mr.Gong , the GM of Yumeya Furniture, stated, "We are thrilled to see our employees come together in such a positive and engaging way. Events like these not only promote teamwork and collaboration but also create a sense of belonging and pride in our company culture."

Employee Unity Strengthened Through Tug of War Competition 3

The tug-of-war competition at Yumeya not only provided employees with a memorable and enjoyable experience but also served as a reminder of the importance of unity and teamwork in achieving common goals. With this new sense of unity and purpose, we will be driven to continue to provide first-class products and services to our customers, ensuring their utmost satisfaction!

As Yumeya Furniture looks towards the future, We will continue to strengthen our internal staff ties and to stimulate our passion to bring more attractive products to our customers.

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