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Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada


Yumeya Global Product Promotion is on the move again! After successfully wrapping up our Global Product Promotion in New Zealand, we're thrilled to move on to our next journey-Canada! We can't wait to meet our dear clients in Canada and showcase our amazing range of product.

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 1

Thanks to the previous push to reach multiple countries, we were able to share industry insights with strong local clients and gain a lot of useful market information. While connecting with our clients, we have realised that stylish and beautifully designed chairs are always immensely popular in the market. A very well-designed product can always be distinguished from other products in the market and become a new weapon to open up the market. Yumeya Furniture has been working with Italian designers all year round to produce 5-6 functional and aesthetic chairs per season. So that our customers can enjoy the value and charm that product design brings to them.

This time to Canada, we will bring our newest and most design oriented hotel furniture collection to you. We extended invitations to our potential customers in Canada again. We will provide our guests with a wealth of color cards, fabrics, product catalogs, leaflets, high-definition videos, pictures and other sales materials, so that our guests can fully understand the strength of Yumeyas hotel furniture and experience all aspects of high quality products in an in-depth demonstration.

On the other hand, metal wood grain hotel furniture is also prevalent in the market. Metal wood grain chairs combine the beauty of solid wood grain with the high strength of metal. As the price of same quality level metal wood grain is only 40%-50% of solid wood chair. When a potential customer who recognizes your brand of high quality, but cant afford the high price of solid wood chair, Metal wood grain with high quality but low price will be a good option. Metal wood grain chair has high strength as metal chair, it is constructed with full welding technology. All Yumeya metal wood grain chair can bear more than 500 pounds and with 10-year frame warranty.

Here, I recommend you the fascinating hotel furniture collection.

Konductra 1231 Series

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 2

Pick 1346 Series

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 3

NeoWB series

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 4

Repose 5532 Series

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 5

Comfort 1115 Series

Yumeya Global Product Promotion -The Sixth stop To Canada 6

If you are in Canada and conducting hotel project and want to purchase a batch of hotel furniture, please contact us !

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