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New Zealand: A Comprehensive Journey Review


Some time ago, we travelled to New Zealand to visit our old and new clients. We really enjoy face-to-face communication with them. Thanks to sharing informative information, which help me better understand the market trend.

New Zealand: A Comprehensive Journey Review 1

In communication with clients, we've discovered that beautifully designed chairs always hold immense popularity in the market. Meanwhile, We are happy to hear that our chairs are loved by our guests, who appreciate the high design and modern appeal of our chairs! All year round, we have partnered with talented Italian designers to create 5-6 functional and aesthetic chairs each season! Our chairs are meticulously crafted to bring customers a unique blend of functionality, beauty, and unrivaled quality. We firmly believe that a well-designed piece can effortlessly stand apart from the crowd, becoming a powerful weapon to revolutionize the market. 

New Zealand: A Comprehensive Journey Review 2

We found that Metal Wood Grain chair is more and more recognized and loved by potential customers. When communicating with our New Zealand customer, he asked me a question: if the price of Yumeya metal wood grain restaurant chair is almost the same as the solid wood restaurant chair, why should I choose to buy metal wood grain restaurant chair from you? I think this may be some misunderstanding about metal wood grain chairs.

First, if you change the high end solid wood chair to metal wood grain chair, it can help you save at least 50% cost, but for restaurant chair, I think only can help you can 10% cost. Second, for Yumeya metal wood grain restaurant chair, although the price advantage of metal wood grain restaurant chairs is not significant compared to solid wood restaurant chairs, it can provide double quality. When you running restaurant solid wood chair business for a long time, you will know the price of solid wood restaurant chair is $40-50.

When a solid wood chair is used in a busy commercial environment for one to two years, there is a risk that its frame may become wobbly or damaged. But with metal wood grain chairs, they are actually metal chairs with the strength of metal. At the same time our metal wood grain chairs are fully welded and constructed using special reinforced tubes, which makes it very safe and strong. Besides, all Yumeya metal wood grain chair can bear more than 500 pounds and with 10-year frame warranty.  We also focus on the wearability and aesthetics of the chair's surface. For this reason, since 2017, we have partnered with Tiger Powder coat to ensure that the chairs are durable and don't easily leave scratches.

 Reading this, if you have the same question as to why you should buy metal wood grain restaurant chairs, I will answer you: when you buy metal wood grain dining chairs, it can help you save a lot of money. Not only that, but its existence has a great value and can also help you save a lot of money in the coming years, high quality metal wood grain dining chairs can make it possible not to have to repair or replace more expensive furniture frequently. Overall, metal wood grain chairs are SAME PRICE but TWICE of high-end solid wood chair's quality. It is the ideal commercial furniture choice.

New Zealand: A Comprehensive Journey Review 3

   It was amazing to catch up in person with some old faces and meet new ones. Yumeya global product promotion to New Zealand is significant and is so beneficial to gauge the marketplace. If you missed the opportunity to meet us in New Zealand, feel free to contact us to start a new Metal Wood Grain business together!

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