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Yumeya four hot sale luxurious banquet chairs


Yumeya  company has always been committed to producing high-quality products, using strict craftsmanship and high-quality service to provide guests with sost-effective chairs. If you want to buy a new batch of banquet chairs, you may as well stop and take a look at the 4 popular products of Yumeya, which provide you with surprising prices and quality.
Combining beauty with comfortableness, you will get a perfect match. Special patterned tubes that indicate the elegant part of this beautiful chair.The chair adopts an all aluminum structure, providing a powder coated finish. The seat bag position is made of the best high-density foam, which will not deform for a long time and give you a comfortable experience.YL1229 has a fashionable desigh and a variety of colors to choose from.This chair has an advanced desigh that stands out when placed in a suitable position.
Yumeya four hot sale luxurious banquet chairs 1
YL1163 is a powder coated welded aluminum frame constructed. Elegant and generous styling is perfect for banquet. The smooth curve makes this chair look attractive. High resilience foam ensures maximum seating comfort, which is very suitable for banquet activities and adds style to the place. Our wide selection of colors offers the possibility of  personalizing this chair.
Yumeya four hot sale luxurious banquet chairs 2
An banquet chair with a more classic desigh and with gentle straight lines. Made of aluminum, YL1416 is lightweight and easy to handle.YL1416 is filled with the best high-density foam.Guests can choose from a variety of powder colors.It has a solid yet comfortable desigh.It is gorgeous  and fashionable. It is suitbale for various advanced environments and adds luster to your place.
Yumeya four hot sale luxurious banquet chairs 3
Yumeya four hot sale luxurious banquet chairs 4
This very durable and charming chair provides comfort and has real value for your place of use.YF5045 is distinguished  by its gorgeous appearance and surdy quality, and is popular in many occasions.Selected high-quality aluminum materials,solid and durable in quality, the chair has a 10 year frame warranty. The gorgeous appearance creates a high-level atmosphere for the use occasion, and this is a product that cannot be missed.
What you need to know zbout Yumeya banquet chiar: Fiest of all, Yumeya has many years of experience in making high-end chiars.Our products are used by some of the most prestigious hotels and events around the world. When you  choose Yumeya ,you can be sure that you are getting the best products in the market.
10 Years Frame Warranty-We use the highest level aluminum and the thichness, which is more than2.0mm.There is no doubt that it can ensure the structural safety. We are so confident  in the quality of our chiars that we offer 10-year frame warranty. This is something that no other chair manufacturer offers.
Tiger Powder Coat Strategic partner- We work with Tiger Powder Coat  to provide a durable finish for all  of our chairs. This ensures that our chair surfaces are clear and maintain a good look for years. The durability is more than 3 times higher than that od similar products in the market.
 Outstanding details- our chiars embody the spirit of craftsmanship, and  Yumeya always pays attention to the details and perfection of the product.We focus on the perfect upholstery ,the line of the cushion is smooth and straight. What is more,the chair has polished at least 3 times to ensure that the metal thorn can not scratch hands. All the products repeatedly inspected before they can regards as qualified products and delivered to clients.
Advanced equipent- We use the most advanced equipment in our manufacturing process, such as welding robots, automatic assembly line, PCM machines, Japan imported cutting machine etc. All these ensure that our chiars are more standardized, and greatly improves work efficiently to achieve rapid delivery.
Conclusion: When it comes to weldding chairs, there is no better choice in the market  than Yumeya. Our chairs are made of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer various shipping options and discount for large orders.  Contact us now to learn more about our products. We provides you with surpise prices for the above 4 products.

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