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A Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Chairs in the Middle East Market


Whether you are a Middle Eastern venue hosting weddings and events, a rental company that works tirelessly to realize couples’ dreams, or a restaurant that organizes the perfect parties – you know that one of the essential elements that will complete the whole dining experience is the chairs. Celebrating love or different kinds of milestones is always a joyous occasion that brings all the family and friends together. Naturally, as a professional, you would like to provide the ultimate high-end experience, and we are here to guide you through the process. This blog will present tips on what to look for in chairs before deciding. Furthermore, we will introduce how our collection of wear-resistant, elegant, and environmentally-friendly wedding chairs outweighs every option in the Middle East market.

1. Experience and Quality
When looking for the best wedding chairs for your business, make sure to source from a company that has experience in providing consistent quality. This is a significant investment, so you must trust the right professionals.

● Providing innovation and quality since 1998

Our wedding dining chairs are made from wood grain instead of wood. The founder of Yumeya Furniture, Mr Gong, pioneered combining wood grain with metal chairs. He managed to convey the wooden feel without endlessly cutting forests to achieve his vision – he used recycled wood to curate elegant designs. However, the success of our wedding chairs doesn’t stop here. One of the reasons why Yumeya’s designs are sought after is the never-ending dedication to elevating quality for over two decades. However, one of the turning points was in 2017 when we established a cooperation with Tiger Powder, a giant in the industry, and we obtained clearer and wear-resistant wood grain. Furthermore, Yumeya was the first company to launch the world’s first 3D wedding chairs, which means we mastered depicting an organic wooden look and touch in metal chairs.

2. Pick the right chair materials and seamless design
Carefully consider the material of the wedding chairs because you need to think long-term – durability is vital for heavy everyday use. Essentially, wood and metal provide great durability. However, if you aim for flawless wear resistance, seek a combination of metal wood grain chairs. In addition, search for designs with an aesthetically pleasing finish without joints and gaps. They not only look polished and elegant, but they give off that high-end feel. Even slight irregularities can reflect sloppy work and lower quality.

● Metal wood grain wedding dining chairs

The metal tubing and wood grain finish perfectly combine sturdiness, durability, and an organic feel. Instead of getting simple wedding chairs, you can provide an organic wooden look with all the benefits of metal design. Some pros are no joints and gaps because they will be covered with the clearest wood grain. Plus, the design comes without too large seams. Because the grain we use is natural and clear, there are no aesthetic flaws like fuzziness or unclear textures. The most impressive part of our production is that our wedding dining chairs are incredibly durable! This brings us to the next point:
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3. Consider all the elements that make the chairs more durable and able to stack

We discussed the materials and durability briefly, but if you consider buying wedding chairs, you need a warranty and resistance score to vouch for that claim. Furthermore, they need to be able to be stacked for storage.

● Durable design perfectly adapted for stacking

You won’t find anything similar to Yumeya’s wedding chairs among the other wholesale choices on the Middle East market. Our wood grain designs can be more durable than others – more than five times- and we also give a ten-year warranty! Because we use the Tiger powder coat and high-end fabric with an impressive resistance coefficient (more than 100000), you will discover that they will look quite the same even after five years. And if that doesn’t work out regarding structure problems, we will replace the “old” chair with a new one – valid for ten years.

Having amplified our manufacturing quality to offer you the utmost convenience for storing and moving them, our rules have been stringent from the beginning. Yumeya wishes for highly durable and wear-resistant wedding dining chairs to seamlessly provide continuous, high-quality rental services or equip your venue with a lasting yet stylish solution.

Aluminum stacking ghost banquet / wedding chairs for sale Yumeya

4. Environmental impact
No matter what we do in life, nature constantly amazes us. We always feel drawn to its allure, wishing to be closer to it in every way. Thus, wood is forever desired when it comes to interior elements. However, they cost a lot – environmentally. True, wooden chairs are beautiful, but have you considered how many forests are suffering from manufacturing them? Opt for sustainable options like wood grain that nurtures ethical values and preserves the environment.

● Elegant designs in the name of sustainability

Solid wood chairs give you a natural feeling, but the wood grain can achieve even more. Not only are these wedding chairs sustainable – made from recycled wood and metal, a recyclable resource, but we also use water curtains to stop the distribution through the air when creating them. With the finished product, you get the organic texture of solid wood – without harming the environment. Ultimately you will receive refined and high-end wedding dining chairs that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

5. Look for wholesale chair companies that offer more design options
Naturally, you don’t want only one design, so companies that provide more chair options will always prevail. Who wishes to be limited by a handful of choices? Organizing weddings and events requires creativity; the chairs must match your vision.

● An array of aesthetically pleasing wedding chairs

By seamlessly blending different styles, we have curated a whole palette of chair designs. From timeless and opulent to modern and elegant, you will discover stunning event chairs perfect for any occasion. Whether the metal is stainless steel or aluminium, the wood grain coating flawlessly smooths out the coldness and finishes it with a natural wooden allure. No matter your celebration, your reception will be met with unparalleled sophistication and exquisite gracefulness to match your story. If you want to make a statement with your setup, our seating options are bound to awe-inspire anyone. Even though our designs channel years of experience, we strive to be bold and infuse them with a contemporary touch. The Yumeya wedding chairs are outstandingly beautiful and provide incredible comfort for the ultimate guest experience—for example, many feature high-resilience foam and moderate hardness – just the right comfort level. Also, the wedding dining chairs can easily withstand daily use and can bear more than 500 lbs.

6. Prioritize fast manufacturing and shipment without sacrificing quality
The wedding and event planning industry is dynamic, and you never know when someone will ask for your services, so you need to be able to answer them promptly. Make sure to cooperate with a trusted company capable of realizing your needs.

● Large quantities and quick shipment

 Do you need many wedding chairs of a particular design to be shipped in the Middle East – in less than a month? One of our fortes is that we can truly realize your wish. With a 20000 m2 workshop and more than 200 workers, Yumeya efficiently manufactures up to 40000 pieces. And this wood grain chair's production capacity is the monthly statistic. Thanks to our independent production and handling the processing logistics on our own, we are the first company to succeed in realizing quick shipping – just 25 days. Of course, this is for the whole customized furniture industry. By applying this method, we have effectively protected our customers' copyrights and avoided vicious competition.

Wedding chairs wholesale
We hope we’ve provided enough information to help you make an informed buying decision. Moreover, we are sure that now you know why Yumeya is the top choice for Middle East events. Feel free to browse our wedding dining chairs; if some design catches your eye, please get in touch with us. If you are interested to learn more, browse our blog section.

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