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Vacenti Aged Care


Vacenti Aged Care 1

1. Casa DaMore - Vacenti

Location:34 Park St, Coorparoo QLD 4151,Australia

2. Lorocco Carindale

Location:40 Scrub Rd, Carindale QLD 4152, Australia


A life at one of our Vacenti Premium Aged Care Homes means you at the heart of a connected community.  They are “person-centred”, which means they put people first, and treat every resident as an individual. There are Six prime locations across Brisbane,two of which are included Casa Damore and Lorocco.

Casa Damore - Vacenti, a resplendent sanctuary nestled just 4 km from Brisbane CBD, stands as an oasis of comfort for the discerning elderly. Revered for its commitment to aged care excellence, it offers 105 distinct suites with all the required amenities, including a personal kitchenette.Overall, this place provides an all-in-one facility for the elderly to ensure they get the best time of their lives. From offering great food to recreational activities to socializing, everything can be done at Casa DaMore - Vacenti.

Vacenti Aged Care 2

Lorocco Carindale is an aged care facility located in the QLD suburbs of Carindale. This facility exudes an ambience of genuine warmth and hospitality, rendering it an exquisite haven for its cherished residents. In addition, family & friends can also visit the Lorocco Carindale whenever they want to visit the residents.Distinguished by its profound expertise in providing compassionate care, Lorocco Carindale specializes in attending to the unique needs of residents requiring palliative care or afflicted by the challenges of dementia. Embracing the essence of freedom, the facility's fifty single suites afford residents an unparalleled sense of autonomy while concurrently receiving superlative medical attention.

 Vacenti Aged Care 3

We all know that one of the defining characteristics of any good aged care facility is that it should be comfortable for the residents. Vacenti is a world-class facility in Australia which provides great services to its residents. This means Vacenti had to go the extra mile to ensure everything was on point! And one of the things that can truly separate a good elderly care institute from others is the chairs.

Vacenti Aged Care 4

 Vacenti had to make sure that the chairs used on its premises were comfortable, durable, & ergonomic friendly. Thankfully,  Vacenti managed to get all these features by ordering chairs from Yumeya Furniture.

Vacenti Aged Care 5

Gracing the suites, restaurants, balconies, and every corner of Casa Damore - Vacenti, the chairs from Yumeya Furniture epitomize ergonomic brilliance. This ensures proper support is provided to different body parts (spine, back, neck, arms, etc.) without compromising the guests' health, akin to a comforting embrace.In addition, sitting on these chairs alone is enough for one to start feeling a sense of calmness and relaxation, which is important for residents of aged care facilities. The hallmark of these chairs is their adequate padding in the seat and backrest areas. This allows the residents to sit for hours without the slightest inkling of discomfort.

Vacenti Aged Care 6

The next feature of these chairs from Yumeya Furniture is that they are easy to clean. That becomes possible thanks to the use of spill-resistant and stain-resistant material, making it easy to clean the chairs. Particularly in the context of an aged care environment, this attribute assumes paramount importance, as it ensures that these chairs remain accessible, untainted by the presence of microbial adversaries.

Vacenti Aged Care 7


And last but not least, these chairs actually add a vibe of fun & freedom through their aesthetically pleasing looks! Such a captivating infusion, in turn, elevates the very essence of the interior design at  Vacenti, transcending it beyond the realms of mundane homogeneity that often characterizes conventional elderly care communities.

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