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Location155 Gaebler Road Aubin Grove WA 6164

The Regents Garden Bungalows Aubin Grove is regarded as one of the best and finest retirement communities in Australia. Indeed, it would be no exaggeration to assert that locating such a superlative retirement living village in Perth is an arduous task. The motive behind the establishment of Regents Garden Group is purely altruistic, as they want to serve the elderly. However, to truly distinguish itself from other retirement living centers, this particular entity focuses on delivering the utmost quality of life in a professional and disciplined manner. At Regents Garden Aubin Grove, there are 79 bungalows that bring the best of convenience, comfort, privacy, and safety. Each residence comes with 3 state-of-the-art bedrooms, spacious living rooms, good ventilation, and separate bathrooms for the guests. Furthermore, these bungalows also showcase top-tier finishings and fittings, rendering them a genuine and esteemed haven for the elderly. It would be fitting to assert that Regents Garden Bungalows Aubin Grove is elevating the concept of retirement living to unprecedented heights!

One of the notable features that distinguishes Regents Garden Bungalows is the presence of opulent and vibrant chairs.  From shades of pink to hues of blue and verdant tones of green, these chairs imbue every room within the bungalows with a sense of richness! It would not be an overstatement to affirm that the inclusion of these colorful chairs truly enhances the interior aesthetics of these splendid abodes.AUBIN GROVE REGENTS GARDEN BUNGALOWS 2

Another great thing about the chairs present in the Regents Garden Bungalows is that they are very comfortable. Being a retirement living space, this feature was really important to ensure that the elderly never feel any discomfort. The softness of the seat is bolstered by the ergonomic built-in lumbar support that it provides.  It features spacious seat and sits on metal wood grain   that are both sturdy and stylish.AUBIN GROVE REGENTS GARDEN BUNGALOWS 3

This was only possible due to Regents Garden Bungalows' partnership with Yumeya Furniture. After all, the chairs from Yumeya Furniture are used worldwide, from posh hotels to restaurants to retirement centers.The chairs from Yumeya Furniture are also used in the community center, consisting of a craft room, dining hall, lounges, cafe, gymnasium, salon, and swimming pool. In the dining halls and lounges, it is customary for the elderly to spend several hours at a time. Therefore, it was imperative that the chairs utilized in these spaces possess durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance. Once again, Yumeya Furniture rises to the occasion, as its chairs embody all of these qualities. All the Yumeya chairs can hold up the weight up to 500 pounds and get a 10-years frame warranty, they are ensured that the structural safety is well.AUBIN GROVE REGENTS GARDEN BUNGALOWS 4

According to Yumeya, these chairs offer easy maintenance, which is really important in retirement living centers like this one. It only takes a quick wipe to clean the chairs from any spot or spillage.    In case of  the metal wood grain chairs, they has no holes and no seams, it will not support the growth of the bacteria and viruses.  Combined with effective cleaning programs, it can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Metal wood grain is very esay to clean and will not leave any water stains.  This allows the Regents Garden Bungalows to stay accessible and open to the elderly.AUBIN GROVE REGENTS GARDEN BUNGALOWS 5

All in all, retirement centers strive to provide a life of ease and contentment to their elderly residents. And it is evident that Regents Garden Bungalows has successfully achieved this goal through its collaboration with Yumeya!AUBIN GROVE REGENTS GARDEN BUNGALOWS 6

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