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The Clubhouse Bistro


Location:  1221 Chess Dr, Foster City, California 94404

The Clubhouse Bistro is all in one place, which features a casual restaurant, cocktail lounge, and nightclub! From private parties to sports events to casual dining, guests are sure to have the best time of their lives at this place. For those who are in the vicinity of Foster City (USA), there's no better place to have fun than The Clubhouse Bistro.

The Clubhouse Bistro is located in Crowne Plaza Hotel, which happens to be the heart of San Mateo. The overall atmosphere of Clubhouse Bistro is upscale and laid-back, making it perfect for the party vibe.

Moreover, this establishment serves as an ideal locale for convivial happy hour gatherings, captivating sports spectacles, or even an informal dinner. Talking about the dinner, they bring the finest crafted food and a drink menu that's sure to surprise you!

This diverse assortment of experiences allows The Clubhouse Bistro to cater to a wide range of patrons, ensuring that enjoyment remains paramount and never compromised.

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Being a nightclub, casual restaurant, and cocktail lounge, The Clubhouse Bistro has to ensure the right type of furniture is in the right place. In addition, this establishment is known for its funky & laid-back approach, which means even the furniture should exhibit these values. It appears The Clubhouse Bistro has managed to achieve all of that by partnering up with Yumeya's Furniture. With an extensive track record of furnishing top-tier establishments worldwide, Yumeya's chairs have found their rightful place within this esteemed venue.

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For The Clubhouse Bistro, Yumeya Furniture has thoughtfully provided an array of seating options, including side chairs, armchairs, bar stools and so on .The bar stools are present in the cocktail lounge & the nightclub, while the restaurant features side chairs, arm chair. One of the most commendable attributes of these Yumeya chairs lies in their unparalleled comfort, allowing patrons of The Clubhouse Bistro to revel in merriment and festivity to their heart's content.

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In addition, the aesthetics of these chairs also match the funky and laidback theme of The Clubhouse Bistro. In particular, the vibrant hues of Yumeya's chairs exquisitely enhance the interior of The Clubhouse Bistro, transforming it into an inviting sanctuary for revelry.The next thing that stands out in the chairs present at The Clubhouse Bistro is their durability. With a weight-bearing capacity of 500 pounds, these chairs set new standards for longevity. And when we consider the 10-year warranty on the structure & the foam, there's no way The Clubhouse Bistro could have found a better option than Yumeya Furniture! Another great feature of the chairs found at The Clubhouse Bistro is their wear resistance. Yumeya's has equipped all of its chairs with special coating, making them up to 3x more wear resistant than other chairs on the market! This invaluable quality enables The Clubhouse Bistro to effortlessly  maintain good look after each revelrous affair, ensuring seamless preparation for the next joyous gathering.

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