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Rococo Steak


Address: 655 2nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL

Rococo Steak 1Rococo Steak is a premium steakhouse in St. Petersburg, FL, known for its grass-fed beef steaks, desserts, seafood, & much more. The Rococo Steak is located in a 1920s building, which allows them to combine traditional taste with contemporary chic!

Although the main course of the St. Petersburg, FL, is the steaks, they also offer a myriad of appetizers to the guests. Another thing that sets Rococo Steak apart from others is that they only use fresh ingredients for all food items.

By combining unmatched culinary expertise with fresh ingredients, the end result is a premium & exquisite steak. According to Rococo Steak, they have reimagined America's interpretation of the steakhouse & made it better!

The overall experience at the Rococo Steak can be defined as contemporary & upscale. All of this is further elevated with great steaks that can only be described as truly extraordinary.

Rococo Steak features a lavish setting with an upscale & contemporary theme. Since every detail contributes to the overall dining experience, Rococo Steak had to ensure that everything was up to the point.

Rococo Steak 2

That's why when it came to the choice of chairs, they knew that it was not something that could be taken lightly. The Rococo Steak needed chairs that feature a harmonious blend of durability, elegance, & comfort.

Since the guests usually spent extended periods enjoying their steaks, comfort was really important. Another requirement was that the chairs must align with the sophisticated ambiance of the Rococo Steak.

Rococo Steak 3

To uphold the lavish dining experience, Rococo Steak decided to select Yumeya as the supplier for their chairs. After discussing the requirements with Rococo Steak, Yumeya supplied chairs with oval-shaped backrests & ample padding.

The oval-shaped backrest chairs from Yumeya perfectly blend the traditional & contemporary elements, just like the historic Rococo Steak building.

Rococo Steak 4

In addition, the Yumeya's chairs also match the contemporary & upscale feel of the Rococo Steak. This has enabled the steakhouse to maintain a consistent & harmonious dining experience for the guests.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the chairs from Yumeya also match the stringent requirements of the Rococo Steak. The Yumeya's chairs feature a wood grain finish on top of a metallic frame. This enables the chairs to stand up to the rigors of a bustling environment while also maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

Rococo Steak 5

The oval-shaped backrest design of Yumeya's chairs adds a touch of uniqueness while also providing ergonomic support. As a result, the diners can enjoy their steaks while basking in premium comfort.

However, the one feature of Yumeya chairs that stands out the most is the 10-year warranty on the frame & foam. For the Rococo Steak, this generous warranty showed the manufacturer's confidence in the quality of their product. At the same time, this has also enabled the restaurant to continue providing a premium dining experience.

Rococo Steak 6

In choosing Yumeya for their seating needs, Rococo Steak has found a partner that shares their dedication to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of the dining experience, down to the chairs, contributes to the restaurant's reputation for being truly extraordinary.

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