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Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 1
Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 2
Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 3
Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 1
Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 2
Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya 3

Aluminum Wood Grain Chiavari Banquet Party Chair YZ3022 Yumeya

Do you need a chair covering all aspects, including beauty, comfort, and durability? We have an ultimate option of Yumeya YZ3022 for you to cover all your demands. The enchanting beauty of the chair will mesmerize you and everyone around you.
Can be stacked 5pcs
Application scenarios:
Hotel, Banquet, Function Room, Wedding, Rental
Supply Ability:
100,000 pcs per month
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    Ideal Choice

    Getting an ideal chair today is a challenge in itself. However, not anymore when you have YZ3022. There are hardly any criteria that the chair does not fit well. You can have everything in a single chair, from comfort to durability, luxury to affordability. The surface has a metal wood grain and is made of aluminum. It delivers the strength to the chair and ensures it oozes grace and elegance.

    YZ3022 is ideal for getting the perfect furniture for residential, commercial, or even party venues. The flex-back design, comfortable cushioning, and structure that always keep you in a comfortable posture are some qualities that ensure exceptional comfort. Besides that, your ten-year warranty with the chair provides zero maintenance costs. Bring one today to your place and enhance your game.

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    Aluminum Wood Grain Classic Designed Chiavari Chair

    You will get everything in this chair that you seek in a perfect choice of furniture. The comfort quality is supreme, durability is at its best, and still, you can have it at an affordable price. The best thing about YZ3022 is its elegant look and design. The metal wood grain highlights the chair's overall beauty and provides a soothing experience to the viewer.


    There are so many products available in the market today. However, the advantages of this chair are like no other. It takes care of everything from posture to looks, durability to affordability. You will get everything that you want in a perfect chair. Also, one of the most significant advantages comes with the ten-year warranty on the chair frame. You will not have to worry about the extra cost of maintenance. 

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    Key Feature

    --- Aluminum Frame

    --- 10-year Inclusive Frame and Foam Warranty

    --- Pass strength test of EN 16139:2013 / AC: 2013 level 2 / ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012

    --- Supports weight up to 500 pounds

    --- Resilient and Shape Retaining Foam

    Excellent Details

    The details that can be touched are perfect, which is a high-quality product.

    --- Smooth weld joint, no welding mark can be seen at all.

    --- Cooperated with Tiger Powder Coat, world famous powder coat brand, 3 times more wear-resistant, daily scratch no way.

    --- Molded Foam without any talc, high resilience and long lifetime, using 5 years will not out of shape.

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    YZ3022 based on ergonomic design, a moderate cushion arch, backrest angle, and the angle between the cushion and backrest allow end users to enjoy long-lasting comfort while sitting on it. The good rebound force brought by up to 65kg/m3 helps to relieve fatigue. Therefore, for wedding occasions that often take 2 or 3 hours, this would be a delightful choice.


    Durability gives us the confidence to purchase so we do not have to bear the extra costs.

    --- You get a ten-year frame warranty. If anything happens to the frame between that, you know you have us for your support.

    --- Another advantage is the aluminum tubing design with metal wood grain. Both of these factors deliver extensive advantages to the chair.

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    It is not difficult to make one good chair. But for bulk order, only when all the chairs in one standard ‘same size’‘same look’, it can be high quality. Yumeya Furniture use Japan imported cutting machines, welding robots, auto upholstery machines, etc. to reduce human error. The size difference of all Yumeya Chairs is control within 3mm.

    What It Looks Like In Wedding & Event?

    As Yumeya metal wood grain chair is compact and non porous, it will not breed bacteria and viruses. The price is only 20% - 30% of solid wood chair, but its strength is larger than solid wood chair. Meanwhile, it is stackable and lightweight, that can reduce the difficulty and cost of later operation. With 10-years frame warranty, there is 0 maintenance cost and worry free after-sales. All these factors make shorten the return on investment cycle to be real. So now, YZ3022 can be a hot model for hotel banquet, wedding and even for event rental.  

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