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Marriott Houston North USA


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Address:255 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77060 America


Houston Marriott North is the ideal hotel in Houston (Texas) for pleasure & business travelers alike. The Greenspoint Mall & the famous George Bush Intercontinental Airport are also only a few minutes away from the Houston Marriott North.

So, from landing at the airport to reaching your hotel, the guests can bask in world-class amenities in no time at all. To make things even more amazing, Houston Marriott North also offers free transport for guests coming from or to the airport.

At the hotel, guests can enjoy all the amenities they would expect from a Marriott chain hotel, like big TVs, fast WiFi, deluxe bedding, furnished bathrooms, and so on.

To further elevate the enjoyment & convenience of its guests, the Houston Marriott North also features a hotel restaurant, pool (indoor + outdoor), and a dedicated fitness center with all the latest machines.

Last but not least, Houston Marriott North is also ideal for meetings, conferences, weddings, or any event that needs a special venue. After all, their event venue spans over 15000 sqft, which is big enough to host any type of social event or business function.

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Houston Marriott North is a highly regarded 3-star hotel in Texas & is considered one of the top destinations among travelers. One of the things every traveler craves is comfort and full relaxation as they spend time away from their homes.

Similarly, the attendees visiting a conference or any other social event also want to feel relaxed as they immerse themselves in different activities.

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The only way for Houston Marriott North to achieve all of this was to furnish its hotel space with comfortable & modern chairs. Keeping this in view, the hotel reached out to Yumeya as they are renowned manufacturers of chairs with decades of experience in commercial furniture.

After carefully looking at the needs of the Houston Marriott North, Yumeya provided them with numerous chair designs for the hotel space & the event venue.

That's why when the guests enjoy their favorite meal/drink at the Houston Marriott North, the hotel doesn't have to worry about the guests' comfort. After all, comfort is ensured by the presence of Yumeya chairs, thanks to their superior padding on the backrest & the seats.

Marriott Houston North USA 5

At the same time, the chairs provided by Yumeya also allow the Houston Marriott North to maintain the overall theme & atmosphere.

Just like that, the chairs from Yumeya adorn different parts of the Houston Marriott North Hotel. In the lobby, Yumeya has provided chairs with inviting & warm design that makes the guests feel comfortable enough to relax & unwind.

For the rooms & other hotel rooms, Yumeya has provided numerous designs that align perfectly with the bigger theme. So, while these chairs from Yumeya ensure comfort, they also ensure that the guests get to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing environment that feels warm & welcoming.

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Besides the aesthetic value & comfort provided by Yumeya chairs, numerous reasons compelled the Houston Marriott North to go with Yumeya. The first & foremost was easy maintenance, which has allowed Houston Marriott North always to keep its chairs in clean condition. This also enables the hotel to keep its seating arrangements available for customers with little to no downtime.

According to Houston Marriott North, the most significant factor they enjoy from their partnership with Yumya is the 10-year warranty.

For a commercial hotel like this, it was a game-changer as they could trust the fact that they are making long-term & safe investments in a durable seating solution that's built to last!

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