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Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya


It is undeniable that in today's era, people's requirements for furniture selection have changed from being able to be used in the past to being functional and aesthetically pleasing today. It has been proven that the selection of furniture has entered a personalized era, which also means that suppliers need to increase the variety of products to attract more customers and gain market competitiveness. But do you also face the problem of increasing the variety of products to meet various emerging personalized needs in the market, resulting in higher and higher inventory; However, if the inventory of goods is reduced but there are not enough products to meet the personalized needs of consumers, sales will be hindered. For this reason, in Yumeya , we have once again launched the second set of M+ Venus series new products, aiming to solve the contradiction between inventory and demand.

Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya 1


We understand that demand is the most critical characteristic of all inventory items, and without demand, there is no inventory. But demand is the most difficult issue to grasp. Demand is always constantly changing due to different influencing factors. There is a lot of uncertainty in demand forecasting, which brings many challenges to inventory management; If there is too much inventory preparation, once market demand decreases, it will become stranded goods. If there is insufficient inventory preparation, it will not meet the diversified needs of the market and lead to sales losses

Yumeya second set of M+ Venus series is used to solve the contradiction between inventory and personalized demand. M+ products are designed to allow you to have multiple chair designs without facing the problem of increased more inventory or higher investments.  They are  also  best restaurant dining chair used in dining spaces.

Yumeya Venus Series can combine different versions through free combination of different seat and backrest options, which greatly meet the diversified needs of the market , and you only need to prepare inventory for different backrest and seat,then through 3 back materials*3 back shapes*3 frame styles can combine 27 versions. This means that you only need to produce spare parts, and you can get a variety of products with different styles and attitudes. And you don't have to worry about the waste and meaningless storage of these parts. Let seemingly monotonous product parts derive diversified series of products.

Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya 2

Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya 3

Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya 4

This series reduces inventory by nearly 70% by offering 9 components for up to 27 combinations.In addition, there are no complex steps, and the loading and unloading of accessories on the chair can be completed in just a few minutes, without the need for special employees to complete it . If you want to start your business with low inventory, choose 1 of these styles and add new components so that the chair is presented in new style and  suitable for more usage scenarios... Sounds good doesn't it?

The chairs are stunning at all angles, redefining expectations for commercial restaurant chairs. Beautiful at every angle, this well considered alfresco chair is a trend setter not a follower. Venues series  is made of aluminum and with wood grain finishes. It is metal wood grain chair featuring in lightweight,comfortable and durable. And the firmness of the product is guaranteed through careful selection of materials. The maximum weight of the product can exceed 500 pounds. All the above fully guarantees the customer's use experience and safety. 

Benefits and advantages of Yumeya M+ Venus Series products:

1. Generous 10 years frame  warranty, 0$ after-sales cost .

2. Clear wood grain texture, bring people warmth feeling

3. Durable aluminum frame supports more than 500lbs

4. Get wear-resistance wood grain finishes by using Tiger Powder Coat

5. Full weld technology makes the frame never loosen, suitable for commercial places

Through the creation of M+ Venus Series, a new form of design and production is introduced to create products. In this way, we can fully meet the most diversified and personalized customer needs through the most economical method and the most simple inventory management methods. This is the greatest significance and value of M+Series, and the core reason why you choose it.

Launch of M+ Venus 2001 Series Yumeya 5

     What You Can Get From M+ Venus Combination?

  • Free parts combination according to usage scenarios
  •       3 back materials*3 back shapes*3 frame styles randomly combing 27 different versions
  •       Resolve the contradiction between inventory and diverse demand
  • Risk decrease, increase competitive
  • Operation difficulty decrease, no specialized equipment required

    If you are interested in M+ Venus Series and looking for dining chairs for restaurant, please contact Yumeya for more details. 


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