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Join Yumeya’s online factory visit to decrypt the production process of metal wood grain


When selling Metal Wood Grain Chairs,have you encountered the following problems?

1.The wood grain is fuzzy and unclear.

2.There are largr gaps or overlaps at the wood grain joints.

3.Easy to scratch.

4.The frame is not strong enough.

Perhaps the above problems are gradually shaking your company's reputation for quality.How did these problems arise? Can it be advoided?No matter how the sales explains it to you,it's not as good as we return to the production which can help us find out the best answer.Considering that many clients are exposed to Metal Wood Grain for the first time,and COVID-19 causes the clients cannot visit the factory in persin.YUMEYA will open an online visit to decrypt the production process of metal wood grain.

In addition,COVID-19 has led to the closure of many factories or a sharp decline in production capacity.It is particularly important to visit factories at this time to make sure it is the right quality for your brand.YUMEYA welcome all new and old clients to visit our factory online before placing orders.Join Yumeya’s online factory visit to decrypt the production process of metal wood grain 1

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As one of the world leading wood grain metal furniture manufacturer, Yumeya is committed to the research of metal wood grain. There are three advantages of Yumeya’s metal wood grain, ‘No joint and no gap’, ‘Clear’, ‘Durable’. In order to get a touch in a metal chair, Yumeya launched the world's first 3D wood grain chair in 2018.
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