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Il Cielo Beverly Hills Los Angeles


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Location:9018 Burton Way Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Il Cielo, located in Beverly Hills, has repeatedly been listed as "The Best Romantic Restaurants in Los Angeles" and is known as a place where girls can realize their fairy tale dreams.Il Cielo's courtyard decorated with small lights is extremely charming at night, with romantic starlight in the air everywhere. The dreamy atmosphere of candlelight dinner and starlight is even more addictive. This is also one of the favorite proposal locations for lovers in Los Angeles.

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Yumeya has provided chairs to Il Cielo twice, the first time in 2016. Due to the high recognition of our products, they purchased the second batch of chairs in 2021.

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Il Cielo courtyard dining area can be used for daily dining purposes, as well as for weddings and parties, placing stricter requirements on the design and functionality of chairs. We have provided well designed wood grain metal chairs for Il Cielo, with a beech finish that gives it a texture similar to solid wood chairs. The chair back is decorated with intersecting back strips, complementing the romantic restaurant atmosphere. This chair weighs only half the weight of a solid wooden chair, making it easy to move and suitable for the restaurant's usage environment. The price of just the metal dining chair also satisfies Il Cielo very much.

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Using high grade aluminum, the chair can effectively cope with the high intensity of use in Il Cielo. At the same time, the chair legs have soft plugs, so there is no need to worry about stains on the ground. Dragging the chair also makes it less prone to wear and tear, while maintaining silence. This is an important configuration for dining chairs used in high-end venue. The chair cushion adopts a 65kg/m3 high rebound mold foam, providing a good sitting experience for customers to better enjoy their time.

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Yumeya provides a 10-year warranty for all chairs. As of now, there have been no quality issues with the chairs,Giovanno,manager of Il Cielo says they love Yumeya chairs for the high quality of it.

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