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Why Aluminum Dining Chairs are the Best for Outdoor Furniture?


When considering outdoor furniture, you have many options, like chairs, sofas, tables, and dining chairs, as part of your outdoor decorations. You must consider the comfort they provide, their durability, their style, and finally, whether they are affordable or not. These considerations are more important than indoor furniture as outdoor furniture bear a lot more beating from the elements. Therefore, today in this article, we discuss why aluminum dining chairs are your best bet by presenting their strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, let's begin.


What Important Factors Make Outdoor Aluminum dining chairs Better Than Others?

Outdoor furniture needs to have structural strength because of harsh elements plus affordability. Following are the essential factors that make Aluminum dining chairs the best option.

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Rainy Weather

If you live in a region with a high chance and volume of rain, Aluminum material isn’t affected by the amount of rain and can easily withstand moisture.


Mold and Rot

Humid conditions can create mold and rot in materials susceptible to absorbing water, which Aluminum isn't affected by. While you can clean mold, rot can destroy due to biodegradation; luckily, Aluminum isn't affected.


Rust and Corrosion

Most metals can easily rust when oxidation due to moisture and air, like iron, steel, or any alloy. Aluminum is one of those few that cant rust if they are not mixed with a rusting material.


Sun and Heat

Aluminum is excellent for outdoors in sunny and hot areas; if you cover them with cloth or cushions like other metals, it becomes hot and holds heat in its hollow tubes. Even after all that heat and elements, the best part is that it doesn't lose its sheen and doesn’t fade. It also doesn't crack or bend under heat waves, although it holds some heat within its hollow tubes.

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Why is Aluminum Most Popular for Outdoor Furniture?

Following are some reasons why Aluminum dining chairs are most favorite for outdoor furniture.

· Lightweight, so it can be moved around when needed

· Aluminum Dining Chairs are strong and can withstand much more than elements

· Aluminum is highly malleable; therefore, you can work it into beautiful and intricate shapes

· Low maintenance and inexpensive because it doesn’t rust like other metals

· Most Aluminum Dining Chairs come with different coatings like Polyester or powder, but without them, they can still withstand elements. Through the coatings can also add any desired color for better looks

· The only downside is their lightweight if you live in tornado-prone or high-wind areas

· Hollow tubes may store more heat than other metals and materials

What Fabric, or Upholstery, is Best for Outdoor Furniture?

Let's look at some materials for cushions, pillows, and different types of upholstery that can withstand outdoor elements when considering outdoor furniture.


1. Acrylic

Fabrics made of Acrylic are strong and can withstand usage and weather, plus they are resistant to mold and tear. They retain their color longer because they are dyed before they are woven.


2. Olefin

Olefins are also solution dyed and stronger when it comes to outdoor fabric. They are lightweight and smooth but not as soft as other materials and cheaper than Acrylic.


3. Polyester

This strong material can withstand water and wear damage because it is typically coated with Acrylic or PVC mesh and dries quickly. You can see the higher color quality, vibrance, and more intricate patterns in stuff made with Polyester.

Why is Aluminum Dining Chairs Better than Those Made From Cast Iron?

Let's clear your mind by looking at different aspects of these two materials.


Most cast iron furniture is made with molds making them heavier than Aluminum because Aluminum is lighter by default, and most Aluminum furniture is welded together, making the structure hollow. Therefore, Aluminum furniture is more elegant than Cast Iron ones.



Even if Aluminum is cast, it still is more durable than cast iron. Even though cast iron furniture can withstand more physical beating, it is prone to chipping and rusting, unlike Almunium. Cast aluminum furniture can last longer than cast iron ones, especially in coastal areas. In moisture, cast iron must be treated and cured to withstand all the pressure of these elements, costing a lot more.


Style and Beauty

Cast iron is much harder to work with than Aluminum and costs more. Therefore you won't find that much intricate shaped furniture made of iron. On the other hand, Aluminum can be created into so many intricate shapes that you can make a masterpiece out of them and a fraction of the cost of similarly made cast iron furniture.



Cast Iron furniture requires a lot of maintenance and regular cleaning, recommended with water diluted dish soap, a hard coating, and yearly spray wax. When it comes to casting Aluminum dining chairs, all you need is just your garden hose, and you are good to go.

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How to Choose the Best Furniture for You?

· You need to consider what compliments your aesthetics and style that you are going for when decoring

· Some materials offer more vibrant color than others but maybe are not that strong

· Different materials offer different levels of comfort, which are easier to handle because you want to chill and wind down every day or during the holidays

· Wear and tear resistance is one of the most important factors when considering outdoor furniture. You don't want to end with something you spend a lot on and see them damaged or destroyed in a few years.



You don't buy new furniture every day, and you must choose for many years to enjoy what you have bought with hard-earned money. We hope in this article you got a lot of great information to choose from and buy furniture that you can enjoy and will last a long time. Aluminum dining chairs are our best bet in this case due to their weight, durability against weather and other elements, price point, and the level of detail in their outlook you can achieve.





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