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The Different Types of Event Chairs to Choose for the Right Occasion


Event planning, while giving the décor artists a creative margin to bring their imagination to life, is also an extremely complex job. This is because while decorating or designing for an event, a lot of creative work, minute attention to detail, and creative process are involved. Moreover, choosing the right furniture to bring together any event or room is also part of this tedious process.

If you are an interior designer or an event planner looking into the various kinds of event chairs you can use in different working areas, you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to learn about a brief history of event chairs and the different types of event chairs you can pick.

A Brief History into the Origin of Event Chairs

The indoor and outdoor event chairs have different historical events dating back to their existence. The history of the indoor event chair leads its existence back to the Renaissance era when the use of Chiavari chairs was common. On the other hand, the outdoor chairs are a more modern pick, and their historical significance dates back to the newer society.

The outdoor chairs first appeared in the early 1960s and 1970s when the concept of outdoor weddings and events started rising. Even back then, these chairs were not used often, and modern times have brought their hype up on the charts. If you want to gain more insight into the different types of event chairs, we have a list for you.

The Different Types of Chairs for Events

There are a variety of event chairs in the market, each explicitly curated for a specific type of task. If you are new in the event planning or décor industry, then we are sure you'd want to learn about some of the basic types of event chairs. If this is the case, then we have you covered. Hop on below to learn about the different kinds of event chairs in the market and what makes each chair unique.

· Event Chair for Conferences

When you enter a conference room, you are immediately hit with the blast of the air conditioner and the sight of some of the best and most comfortable-looking seating. This is because event chairs for conferences are precisely that. This group contains chairs usually used in seminar and lecture halls and long conferences.

These chairs should be comfortable enough to sit for long hours through lectures and hectic conferences and include an armrest for better comfort. If these chairs are installed in educational buildings, a paddle or small protruding table is also essential. Moreover, given that the chairs in lecture halls or conference rooms are installed in bulk or huge numbers, it is necessary always to fix a budget of how much you are willing to spend before you purchase them.

· Event Chairs for Executive Meeting

While conference rooms are used for meetings or events on a larger scale, executive meetings are a more closed event. The meetings carried out in such rooms in the office are usually long and confidential, ensuring that the seating in such rooms is in accordance with this format, too.

event chairs used in executive meetings, it is essential to use high office chairs with an armrest and a swivel base.
Such chairs help provide maximum comfort and help them easily pass through the long, tiring hours in a meeting. While there are several different types of event chairs for executive meetings, each made with high-quality material, it is always great to choose ergonomic models that support backrests and give off various inclinations.

The Different Types of Event Chairs to Choose for the Right Occasion 1

· Event Chairs for Chill Outs and Networking

If you look at cafes and restaurants, their seating selection is variably different from the aesthetics of an office or company. Why is that? Well, because both places are vastly different and carry out other purposes. Hence, when choosing event chairs for chillouts and networking areas where people gather to have a good time, executing the same happy mood is crucial. In such areas, it is essential to choose that are colorful and vibrant and match the overall aesthetics and vibe of the place.

Moreover, the networking area is within the company for their employees. In that case, you don't need to choose the same professional seating you have around your office for this particular room, too. Instead, event chairs in such rooms can align with the corporate color palette of the company but can be a little more fun and appealing to look at, too. Professional-looking chairs in areas where employees come to relax or blow off steam will not be the best option to elevate their mood, right?

· Event Chairs for Weddings and Galas

The event chairs at weddings and galas should scream elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated. Hence, choosing event chairs that fall on such aesthetics is highly essential. Several different models are available for chairs for weddings and galas, and each chair is made from other materials like wood, plastic, polypropylene, etc. The chair selection usually depends on the host's preference and the event manager's judgment on what type of event chair would go well with the aesthetics of the wedding or gala.

The Different Types of Event Chairs to Choose for the Right Occasion 2

· Technical Support Chairs

The technical support team is the hidden gem and the true backforce when running any event. This particular team takes care of proper visuals, lights, and all other effects, which, combined, help make any occasion successful. So, don't you think they deserve a comfortable and nice event chair too?

Yes, they do, and we'll tell you exactly which one it is. The event chair for the technical support team should be spacious and compact. It would be ideal if these chairs could be folded and quickly moved around. This would help the team take seating in other areas of the event quickly when needed.

· Basic Event Chairs

Hot summer months are all about outdoor events, so choosing the best chairs for a hit event is essential. The basic event chairs are available in a wide variety and, in general, should be comfortable to sit on and light to move around. This will help your guests have a good time and ensure you can clear out your outdoors once your party ends quickly.

· Cross Back Chairs

The cross-back chairs are one of the best event chairs to pick when hosting an outdoor event. The aesthetics of these chairs meet well with the beautiful outdoors of a garden, vineyard farm, etc.

The major reason why many event planners use this particular type of chair is due to its Tuscan-inspired styling. The chair has a wooden finish, but the wooden criss-cross design gives the chair an elegant yet rustic look, which eventually gives off a modern yet royal vibe. Hence, this event chair is perfect for weddings, celebrations, or any special moment, which should be elegant enough to make a mark.

· Chameleon Chairs

If there is one event chair that describes simple yet elegant, it must surely be the chameleon chair. This particular type of event chair isn't usually seen in its uncovered or native form because they are often draped in a fabric like Chiavari covers, Lyra covers, satin covers, universal covers, etc.

However, these work pretty well uncovered, too, and hence, if they match your aesthetics, you can always use undraped chameleon chairs for any event, too.

· King Louis XVI Chair

Given the name of the chair is referred to as royalty, it's not hard to assume that the chair would give off the same feel, too. These French-inspired chairs scream elegance from all of their nooks and corners. The backs of these chairs are large, oval-shaped, and cushioned, providing a stylish yet comfortable look. The upholstered is padded and covered in linen or velvet, providing a unique look and a comfortable base for anyone to sit on. The chairs are perfect for any formal event or event where you want to portray a vintage look.

Yumeya Furniture – The Perfect Harbor for All Kinds of Event Chairs

Now that you know all the essential types of event chairs and the factors that go into selecting them, we are sure you'd want to find a place that sells these chairs at the best prices. If that is the case, then head over to Yumeya Furniture. The company is the best for providing several different types of furniture, and event chairs are one of their top specialties. Yumeya believes in providing its customers with the highest-quality furniture at the best prices. We highly suggest you look at their spectacular website if you plan on purchasing the event chairs anytime soon.


We hope this article was helpful if you were out searching for different kinds of event chairs. Let us know which type of chair was your favorite, and in case you want to purchase one, head over to Yumeya Furniture.

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