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The Best Cafe Dining Chairs


There might be a number of different styles and materials of cafe dining chairs, but most of them are standard having only 4 legs with a straight back. This design is chiefly invented to ensure customer's comfort during short-term seating. The term 'Cafe dining chair' is not confined to a single type of chair style. In fact, it is a general term which refers to the types and styles of the chair for a single purpose that is to provide temporary seating comfort to the diners or customers.

Origin of Cafe Dining Chairs

Cafe culture has been originated from Paris, whereas during the early days, inns and taverns were using four-legged stools, bench seating, and booth tables for their customers. As time passed, these stools got replaced by four-legged cafe dining chairs with the back to keep the customer’s seating comfortable.

wood grain metal cafe dining arm chair

The Best Chair Materials

If you are trying to match the visible ambiance of your cafe or maybe you are trying to match a contrast to gain a highly eye-catching look for your cafe. The best thing that you can do to enhance your cafe’s look is to add comfortable yet stylish cafe dining chairs to your venue. No wonder the food and its taste still remain as the significant ingredients to spice up the cafe's quality as well as the ambiance. For the cafe dining chairs, basically, there are four general options you could choose from; one of the best and most convenient options is the Aluminum dining chairs.

  • Wood Grain Aluminum Cafe Dining Chairs

If you are picking metal dining chairs for your cafe, one of the greatest advantage you get is their long-lasting life, as they are strong and solid. Yumeya Furniture offer a variety of stylish and colorful chairs with an up-to the mark quality. These chairs are top-notch because they go through four polishing processes before they enter the realm of the formal surface treatment process. It is being polished first after the welding process, and is polished once again after it is cleaned.

On going through these four steps, these metal chairs achieve the best shine and smooth surface effect. Its great powder coat develops beautiful color. You can also observe wood grain texture displayed on the chair body. This metal wood grain chair has a heat transfer technology. High temperature toughness plastic mold is used to make sure the powder comes in full contact with the chair’s surface and the wood grain paper gains a smoother and fine effect.

High-quality wood grain aluminum cafe dining armchair YW5634 Yumeya 8

  • Key Features of the Wood Grain Aluminum Cafe Dining Chairs

These Wood Grain Aluminum chairs have amazing key features:

1. They are long-lasting and, along with that, have ten years of warranty which make them ideal for cafe dining, because you would not have to worry about changing the chairs every few months.

2. These amazing wood grain aluminum chairs can hold weight up to 500 pounds, which is good enough for any customers coming and sitting in the cafe.

3. It has a fine metal wood grain finish that makes its surface smooth and comfortable for the sitters.

4. These chairs are available in variety of wood grain color options; this variety comes in handy to match or contrast the color of your cafe’s dining chairs with the interior decor.

Product Details

Yuma Furniture's wood grain aluminum chairs provide their users with five amazing aspects: Comfort, Standard, Safety, Excellent details, and Value packaging.

· The Comfort of Wood Grain Aluminum Chairs

These chairs are specifically designed by following ergonomics. They are kept at 101 degrees, which is perfect temperature for the back of the seat. It provides the users with a seating position of full comfort and ease for the back. Moreover, it’s kept in the most suitable seat inclination of 3-4 degrees, which gives effective support to the users' lumbar spine.

· Standard of Yumeya Wood Grain Aluminum Chairs

The machines, auto upholstery machines, and welding robots are imported from Japan to reduce the percentage of errors during the manufacture of these chairs. Especially the bulk orders are made equally perfect as the individuals.

· Excellent Details of Yumeya Wood Grain Aluminum Chairs

The chairs are not left with any visible welding marks. This furniture company collaborates with world-famous powder coat brands to make the best quality chairs. Even if the chairs are used for five long years, their shape would never be affected. The standard fabric and material used in these chairs are up to the mark and easily cleanable.

· Value Packaging of Yumeya Wood Grain Aluminum Chairs

For value packaging, effect protection and saving space, both, are always kept in mind by the engineering designers.

· Safety of Yumeya Wood Grain Aluminum Chairs

When talking about safety, two things are considered: one is strong safety which is about the chair's structure that can bear more than 500 pounds of weight. While the other is detail safety, it pairs with the great furniture polishing and its smoothness. You can feel the smoothness and soft-finish by touching the surface.

The Color Options

You can avail a variety of surface treatments for these Aluminum Chairs. Depending upon the type of decoration you need for your cafe, you can choose the surface treatment option from this list.

· Wood grain

· Powder coat

· Dou TM

· Outdoor powder coat

You also get a chance to choose from a number of colors for your chairs to complement your cafe's ambiance, some of these colors include Walnut, Beech, Cherry, and Oak.


Are you looking for the perfect dining chairs to create a cozy or romantic ambiance for your cafe? Pay special attention to the furniture! There is nothing as important as chairs in a cafe, so when getting them you must be really careful. The best furniture spot, Yumeya Furniture, offers you the best price and quality for bulk buying of cafe dining chairs. You can trust the brand and finely choose the right style, color, and material of fabric that either matches the theme of your cafe look.

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