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All You Need to Know About Chiavari Chairs and Why They are So Popular


If you have ever been to a lavish wedding or a customized DIY event, you definitely would have sat in chiavari chairs. It’s because these elegant chairs are now seen almost everywhere, especially in chic and lavish restaurants. You can even see them at weddings, award ceremonies, etc., because of their outlook and the prestige people feel by sitting in them.  So, what exactly are chiavari chairs? And why have they become so popular? Let’s find out!

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What are Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs have their distinct look like different bamboo are joined together and seem carved into the chairs' design. Due to their unique design, chiavari chairs are lightweight and have borne the name of elegance in wedding chairs. They are also known as Tiffany Chairs. These chairs got famous from the John and Jackie Kennedy marriage. For a lot of people, that was when the boom of its popularity actually sparked.

The Origins of Chiavari Chairs

These chairs were created for the 1st time in Chiavari, Italy, and henceforth known by the city of origin. Built by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi in the 1800s from Italy, it became viral in the 1900s from a famous wedding, and the legend continues.

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What are Chiavari Chairs Made of?

Depending on your needs, chiavari chairs are made of the following materials:

> Wood – Wood is for a rustic but natural and elegant look. You will find these in formal events or those ceremonies that have a vintage theme. These can always be refinished to keep their look as good as new ones.

> Aluminum – Chiavari chairs made from aluminum are the lightest and most durable. You can use them repeatedly while being the best in not getting scratched. If you are worried about them getting warped over time, you must consider a plywood base or a good wooden base to keep them steady.

> Resin – The most recommended and sought-after material in chiavari chairs because of its extreme strength and durability, which saves the chairs from impacts and strain. Expect a high price for them because of such strength and the most sought-after material.

What Events Are These Chiavari chairs Best for?

Chiavari chairs are the best and have become famous for their use in weddings, but if we want to list the events you can use for them, it will be a long list. Nonetheless, you see them in award ceremonies, big and impressive galas, indoor events, etc.

What Size of an Event is it Best Suited for?

A simple answer is only limited by the stock of these chairs or the caterers you employ. Many colors for these chiavari chairs are standard, so many options are available. You should consider the theme of the wedding and acquire it accordingly. What applies to most chairs is the same for chiavari chairs, like weather, other bookings, significant events make it difficult to arrange them, etc.

Are There any Alternatives to Chiavari Chairs?

If you search for great alternatives to chiavari chairs, you will find many. Cross-back chairs are one good example as they look beautiful at the back with a cross in the middle giving support.

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Why are the Chiavari Chairs So Popular?

Wondering why chiavari chairs are so popular? These reasons will surely convince answer your query!

1. An Air of Sophistication and Elegance

They are fabulous, striking a perfect balance between beauty and elegance, which aren't overrated and so true to this chair.

2. No Need for Covers

While many other chairs need covers to match the themes of an event, these chairs are known for their bare-bones beauty no matter the event. As they come in variety of different beautiful colors, you can pick the ones that match best with whatever theme you have selected.  Furthermore, the issue with covers is that no matter how much they match the whole theme of the event, near the end of the night, they are entirely creased, moved from their inseams, and sometimes moved up half of their length. Chiavari chairs will remain elegant all night, no matter how lively the night is.

3. Ready for Any Ceremony

No matter the occasion, these look elegant, nonetheless. Be it a wedding ceremony, the reception of some event, or even your graduation ceremony, it works in all of them.

4. Open Feel-Good Vibe

Other chairs and covered backs make the event space suffocated as they block colors. On the other hand, Chiavari chairs have an open design, which you can easily see through. The vastness of the event will open event hall or room space like no other.

5. Strong But Lightweight

They are lightweight and may look fragile but stack them on top of each other, and they will bear the weight while being easily movable and stored. These chairs are perfect for catering businesses that are looking for the best and most elegant chairs that can be used for a long time.

How to Decorate Chiavari Chairs?

You can adorn Chiavari Chairs with ribbons and bows based on your chosen theme for the event. You can add removable seat cushions, which can be attached or detached with different colors matching your theme. You can also add see-through chair covers to add charisma, lacing to add femininity, bows to add fun, and so on. So much versatility is what makes these chairs so unique.


Evidently, the choice is yours, what you want to choose, as you are the organizer in the end. Chiavari chairs have always been part of the elegance that should come with these important events. You can add others to your choice or mix different colors of chiavari chairs to enhance the look of your event. Be sure to investigate Yumeya Furniture, the best manufacturer of chairs, to learn more about what else you can do with your events.

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