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Best Tips for Buying New Commercial Restaurant Chairs


Many essential things matter for the success of your restaurant. The quality and uniqueness of the food you provide, your waiter's demeanor, and the overall atmosphere. A combination of these different aspects significantly affects if you will get more returning customers. Whether you have been in this business for quite some time or starting new, these are a must. In this article, we will discuss how crucial commercial restaurant chairs are for the atmosphere of your restaurant. If they are comfortable, customers will feel relaxed, and if they are durable, your pockets will. Let’s see what other factors you should consider.

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1. Issue with Copyright

Laws vary in states and countries, so when buying a design you like for commercial restaurant chairs, search online to see if the design is patented or not and whether this design has a copyright, so you must buy it from an authorized seller. Always take legal advice in this matter.

2. How Much Space do you Have?

This aspect depends on what type of area you have in your restaurant and how big it is for your commercial restaurant chairs. Whether you have a bar, open space, or even lounge and waiting area, you need other furniture for decoration with tables and chairs. Chairs without arms are best if you have cramped space as they can fit easily when needed.

3. Choosing the Chair Material

Material is paramount when buying commercial restaurant chairs as according to the aesthetic, you can choose the chairs' metal like wood, metal, plastic, and the padding that comes with them. You need with or without arms type of chair you need. Side chairs, armchairs, parson chairs, and stacking or bolt-down chair are different types.

4. Reliability and Quality Check

When buying new chairs, you will be buying them for a long time and, therefore, should look for brands that provide quality assurance checks and certificates authenticating their quality. You can also take recommendations from other owners and hunt what they use for their establishments. Your money is worth making these things available to you.

5. What Theme are You Focusing on For Your Restaurant?

The style and material for your commercial restaurant chairs depend on your restaurant's theme and overall outlook. Is it a club/pub type, or are you more focused on dining? You would want sturdier and simpler chairs for cafes and durable ones for outdoor sitting. Furthermore, are you looking for a vintage look or a more modern, lively one? Consider these things before investing, depending on the crowd you get daily.

6. Consider Geo Location Before Buying

Geolocation is really important for the durability of your furniture as you should spend less if you are in a more manageable climate but spend a bit more for the long run and save from the elements if in harsher climates. Places with steady rain and hot, humid weather make commercial restaurant chairs prone to rust so consider what protection your chairs have for the weather you are in.

7. Weight and Mobility

After all, you are running a restaurant, so you may need to change the setting now and then or prepare for a monthly event. No matter the situation, your chairs should be light and able to move quickly in these cases. Stackable chairs are excellent if you regularly hold a musical or dance night that needs the floor clear.

8. The Comfort Level of Your Chairs

If you are tight on budget, you can buy cheaper chairs even if they are not comfortable but ensure you can add padding and other affixes to them later. Customers kike to spend more time if they are relaxed and chairs play a big part in that. They are more likely to be returning customers if they enjoy your restaurant's ambiance.

9. Style and Appearance

Commercial restaurant chairs should be as appealing as possible with your restaurant's lively or cozy ambiance. Different people enjoy different atmospheres in restaurants or their night outs; therefore, consider which one of them you are targeting. Some enjoy a cozy night with live music, while others enjoy bright lights and loud chattering with live music. Most people love open-air places to relax if the weather is good. So be on the lookout for what atmosphere you want to build and what sort of crowd you are bringing in.

10. How High is your Budget?

Probably an essential factor for a lot of restaurants. There are so many things you spend money on, like salaries and utilities, among other overheads, that you opt for cheaper chairs initially. You can re-sell them once you’re stable and change to more beautiful, comfy, and expensive chairs down the road. But when you are just starting, don't spend on expensive chairs.

11. Must Buy Commercial Grade Chairs

We can’t stress this enough and beware of scammers, as when buying commercial restaurant chairs, YOU NEED the best commercial-grade chairs. An important point that puts chairs in the commercial grade category:

· Make sure the joinery is high quality and won't wear with little use

· Must comply with industrial-grade cleaning solutions

· Must be quality and durability tested and comes with a certificate

· Must have liability insurance that can be claimed easily if needed

12. Visit Suppliers and Whole Sale Dealers

And our final recommendation is to visit warehouses or supplier’s shops to get each chair's feel. You can look at each nook and cranny of the commercial restaurant chairs and see how it fares. You must ensure it fits all your standards and the standards we mentioned in this article.


Restaurant seating is one of those most important things that require you to spend wisely to allow comfort and durability that looks and feels nice. You will only spend once on chairs for a very long time, so why not make an educated and informed decision by researching before making any significant decision? This article has presented you with the 12 best tips before buying chairs for your restaurant. If you are looking for the best manufacturer of commercial chairs, Yumeya Furniture will be your best bet! This amazing seller is providing top-notch quality chairs at such an affordable price. Visit its website to get to know more!

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