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Address Beach Resort Dubai


Address:The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This resort is designed to allow guests to enjoy the pristine beach, blue sky, & stunning views of Dubai! From entertainment to relaxation to dining, there's nothing that the Address Beach Resort Dubai can't deliver to the table!

One of the highlights of this iconic beachfront resort is that it also offers access to an infinity rooftop pool that's one of the world tallest. Once the guests are done enjoying the stunning views of Dubai's beaches & the sea, they can also partake in distinctive dining that perfectly captures Dubai's place as a cultural hub.

Address Beach Resort Dubai also offers event spaces with all the amenities required to make any event enchanting.

Being present in the cultural hub of the world, Address Beach Resort Dubai needed chairs that could cater to a wider demography. In addition, this place also has a reputation to uphold as it prides itself as one of the finest resorts in Dubai.

Address Beach Resort Dubai 3

Considering all of this, Address Beach Resort Dubai partnered up with Yumeya - One of the beauties of this partnership is that Yumeya is also reputable and provides seating solutions in many 5-star & 4-star hotels worldwide. So, in a sense, this was a natural partnership that allowed the Address Beach Resort Dubai to access Yumeya's finest inventory of chairs.

In the restaurant Address Beach Resort Dubai, Yumeya provided chairs that matched the aesthetic theme without compromising comfort. As a result, the guests get to relax in comfortable chairs while enjoying their favorite meal or sipping a cold drink. The best part is that the chairs from Yumeya never feel out of place but actually blend into the resort's overall theme.

Address Beach Resort Dubai 4

Just like that, the Yumeya's chairs are also present in the Address Beach Resort Dubai events. Since the events hosted at Address Beach Resort Dubai can range from simple weddings to corporate events & everything in between, Yumeya understood the resort needed multiple chair designs.

After understanding the requirements, Yumeya provided numerous durable & stylish chairs to Address Beach Resort Dubai. As a result of this, the Address Beach Resort Dubai can provide professional-looking chairs for corporate events. For weddings & other casual events, the beachfront resort can also provide more modern & trendy chair designs that can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one.

Address Beach Resort Dubai 5

This partnership with Yumeya has allowed Address Beach Resort Dubai to reap many benefits. The first one is durability, which is actually very important for any piece of commercial furniture. Since the chairs from Yumeya are built with durable metals such as stainless steel or aluminum, they are prone to rust & are capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Another benefit that Address Beach Resort Dubai enjoys from Yumeya's chairs is its great aesthetic appeal. All the chair designs provided by Yumeya at Address Beach Resort Dubai blend into the bigger theme and elevate the atmosphere. This allows the Address Beach Resort Dubai to improve its appeal as a world-class destination in Dubai.

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Furthermore, the Yumeya's chairs are also known for their comfort as only the best padding is used in them! As a result of this, the guests can enjoy their favorite meal at the restaurant or attend corporate events at the event spaces without any discomfort.

Last but not least, the inclusion of a 10-year warranty on all the Yumeya chairs was also an important factor that encouraged Address Beach Resort Dubai to go with them! Being a commercial space, a decade-long warranty ensures that the Address Beach Resort Dubai can minimize its furniture replacement costs & invest in durable seating solutions.

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