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Yumeya Will Build Up New Modern , Eco-Friendly Factory In The Coming Years!


Yumeya's Commitment to Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

Since its establishment in 2010, Yumeya Furniture has rapidly emerged in the international market with its outstanding innovation capabilities and firm commitment to environmental protection. We specializes in the research, development, and production of high-end intelligent eco-friendly healthcare furniture, seamlessly blending the robustness of metal with the natural beauty of wood to offer high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions. Yumeya not only continually breaks new ground in technology and product quality but also sets industry benchmarks for environmental protection and social responsibility. Our scale of operations has steadily expanded, with an average annual growth rate of over 30%, and a remarkable growth rate of over 40% in 2022.


Yumeya Will Build Up New Modern , Eco-Friendly Factory In The Coming Years! 1


State Recognition and Support for Leapfrog Development

Supported by the national strategies for green manufacturing and smart manufacturing, Yumeya is constructing a modern, intelligent, and eco-friendly healthcare furniture manufacturing plant in Heshan City, with a total planned investment of 200 million RMB. This new factory will become the headquarters for Yumeya's operations, utilizing a unified production and multi-channel sales model to meet the Global market's demand for high-end contract furniture. By leveraging advanced technology and a self-built logistics network, Yumeya will produce eco-friendly smart chairs, sofas, tables, and more, suitable for the global market.


Advanced Technology and High-Quality Products

Yumeya's products are renowned for their superior quality and innovative design. Our chairs are made from high-grade aluminum, with a thickness of 2.0mm and stressed parts up to 4.0mm, capable of supporting over 500 pounds. These chairs offer exceptional durability and wear resistance, ensuring outstanding performance even in high-traffic commercial environments. Each product undergoes rigorous quality control to maintain these high standards. By using high-density foam and premium upholstery, our products not only provide excellent comfort but also adhere to ergonomic designs to ensure the best user experience.


Yumeya Will Build Up New Modern , Eco-Friendly Factory In The Coming Years! 2


Promoting Global Cooperation and Enhancing International Visibility

This project will not only promote Sino-European cooperation but also increase the visibility of Yumeya in the International Cooperation Zone, providing a model for local enterprises to explore the international market. Yumeya hope to get a significant market expansion effort and a pioneering example of global enterprises jointly promoting green intelligent manufacturing.


Smart Manufacturing for a Green Future

The new factory will incorporate the latest smart manufacturing technologies, including automated production lines and intelligent logistics systems. We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption during production by using eco-friendly materials and renewable resources, ensuring the sustainability of our manufacturing processes. Through these efforts, we aim to provide high-quality products to our customers while contributing to environmental protection.


Customer-Centric Global Expansion

Yumeya places customer needs at the forefront, continuously innovating and optimizing services to meet diverse global demands. We have established an extensive sales and service network worldwide, ensuring that customers can access premium products and services anytime. Our team, composed of experienced designers, engineers, and sales professionals, is dedicated to offering customized solutions to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.


Looking Ahead, Pioneering International Cooperation

Yumeya's new intelligent and eco-friendly commercial furniture project in Heshan represents a significant step in our global expansion strategy. We will continue to adhere to green manufacturing principles, combining innovative technology to meet the global demand for high-quality, eco-friendly furniture. In the future, Yumeya aims to become a global leader in smart eco-friendly furniture, advancing green intelligent manufacturing and improving the quality of life for our customers.


Yumeya Will Build Up New Modern , Eco-Friendly Factory In The Coming Years! 3



Yumeya's new project not only showcases the company's innovation capabilities and market leadership but also reflects its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. We will continue to promote global cooperation, enhance international visibility, and provide outstanding products and services to customers worldwide.

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