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Yumeya visited Morroco---Metal wood grain chair will be a new weapon to expand business in the economic downturn


Yumeya has decades of experience in the metal contract furniture industry and is world leading metal wood grain furniture manufacturer. Yumeya brought the latest metal wood grain products to Morocco this time and visited many powerful local companies. Our high-quality metal wood grain chairs have left a deep impression on the customers. The metal wood grain chairs have brought significant hope to the business of Moroccan customers. We believe that metal wood grain will have a positive impact on customers' brands. 

During our visit and chat, we found that prior to this, the craftsmanship of metal wood grain were rarely known in the Moroccan market, and people had low awareness of the concept of metal wood grain. This time we brought the best-selling metal wood grain chairs to our customers, who were all impressed by the exquisite appearance of the chairs. When customers first see Yumeya metal wood grain chair, some even have doubts that we recommend a solid wood chair. They were amazed by craftsmanship of Yumeya metal wood grain.

Yumeya visited Morroco---Metal wood grain chair will be a new weapon to expand business in the economic downturn 1

At Yumeya, we have a senior engineers team and experienced ODM & OEM departments. By combining your vision with our experience and expertise, we can create stunning furniture. Our ability to design, manufacture, and finish in house is what makes the big difference for our customers. More importantly, Yumeya metal grain chair has the same quality as the solid wood chair, but its price is 50% lower than the solid wood chair.

In today's economic downturn society,  the purchase budget for solid wood chairs has been restricted in the furniture industry. In addition, the natural environment has been valued for protection, and the shortage of solid wood supply and rising supply costs have also brought a heavy blow, forcing them to raise prices to maintain their operations.

Yumeya metal wood grain chair has a solid wood appearance, with the same quality as the solid wood chair but a price 50% lower than the solid wood chair. Now, when a potential customer feels that the price of a solid wood chair is too high, if you have a metal wood grain chair of the same version, you can sell the same quality metal wood grain chair at a lower price. The metal wood grain chair is currently in a strong trend and is an effective extension of the solid wood chair market and customers. Yumeya metal wood grain chair has the following obvious advantages:

Yumeya visited Morroco---Metal wood grain chair will be a new weapon to expand business in the economic downturn 2

1. Same quality level50%-60% cheaper than solid wood chair

2. 10 years frame and mold foam warranty, no need to replace costly furniture.

3. Connected by welding, the frame will not face loosen issue.

4. Lightweight but durable aluminum frame supports up to 500 lbs.

5. Use Tiger Powder Coat, 3 times wear resisteance than similar product in the market.

6. Can stack 5 -10 pcs, save 50%-70% of the cost in transportation or daily storage.

7. No holes and no seams, it will not support the growth of bacteria and viruse

8. No need to cut down trees, recycle material

After strongly recommending metal wood grain to Moroccan customers and experiencing the quality of the chairs on-site, they gradually became clear about the concept of Yumeya metal wood grain chairs, recognized the quality of the Yumeya brand, and marveled at the enormous potential of Yumeya metal wood grain chairs.  Our customers are beginning to try to accept the value brought by the metal wood grain, and have an impulse to place orders immediately on site and strive for agency rights. Metal wood grain is gradually penetrating the market from being unrecognized at the beginning to being amazed. It is a highly forward-looking process, and from now to the future, it will usher in a great development.

Yumeya visited Morroco---Metal wood grain chair will be a new weapon to expand business in the economic downturn 3

At the same time, Yumeya french style chairs are very popular in Morocco, whether as rental or wedding furniture. Frech style chairs as important equipments of wedding banquet venue, it is impossilble for a chair not to coliid. We cannot completely avoid the occurrence of collisions when moving, which will lead to scratches and wear, leaving a bad appearance impression and need to replace new furniture. However, when our customers use Yumeya products, it can help them minimize this concern as much as possible. Because Yumeya collaborates with Tiger Powder Coat, an international famous metal powder brand which is professionally produced metal powder.  By doing this, the wear resistance of our products has been greatly improved, and the wear resistance is 3 times that of other brands, which can easily cope with wear and give unparalleled protection. In addition, Yumeya chairs have top quality assurance, with reinforced tubing& built in structure, the strength is at least doubled than the regular. It can withstand the test of frequent commercial use. Yumeya allow customers to gain a competitive advantage. Even after using chairs many times, they can continue to maintain good condition over time, no need to relace expensive furniture, and always maintain an advantageous rental price. That's why Moroccan customers are very willing to cooperate with us, and our high-quality products make customers feel at ease.

Conclusion: This trip to Morocco has yielded significant results. As you know, metal grain is opening up the Moroccan market, and metal wood grain is gradually being accepted by the public. In today's economically declining society, metal wood grain can better meet people's concept of cautious consumption. In the long run, choosing furniture that is sturdy, durable, and has a reliable warranty is actually more cost-effective than purchasing products that are expensive and require frequent replacement. Yumeya products are high-end and durable, with affordable prices, guaranteed quality, and no worries after sales. Make your business smoother and gain greater competitiveness in the market.

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