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Yumeya's Partnership With Club Central Hurstville


Club Central Hurstville is a premium hospitality venue with 3 food outlets, multiple bars, entertainment and extensive facilities. We are pleased to announce that Club Central Hurstville has partnered with Yumeya Furniture to access high-quality furniture at affordable costs. The Club’s dining area is now adorned with our stylish several  restaurant dining chairs. Chosen for their sleek design and comfort, these pieces are more than just furniture—they’re a statement of class and durability. With their eye-catching aesthetics, they perfectly complement the lively atmosphere of the dining areas

Yumeya's Partnership With Club Central Hurstville 1

Club Central Hurstville is a premium event venue due to its ideal location and the ability to host diverse events. As this place  is bustling with activity, they require chairs that are durable, comfortable, and align with the bigger aesthetics. Thankfully, Club Central Hurstville has found an ideal partner in Yumeya Furniture! After understanding the Club Central Hurstville's requirements, we supplied them with premium modern chairs. From barstools to comfy and modern side chairs, Yumeya has furnished this space with the right blend of styles and colors. At Yumeya, we knew that the Club Central Hurstville needed to stand out while also staying relevant to its theme of modern interior.

 Yumeya's Partnership With Club Central Hurstville 2

Yumeya provides clubs with commercial restaurant chair that are not only of exceptional quality, but also offer unrivalled comfort and longevity, which provides peace of mind to Club Central Hurstville. From premium-grade metal to high-density foam, Yumeya's chairs are a testament to unwavering quality and durability.

For comfortable experience, we use high grade molded foam cushion, when the guests sitting on the chairs, they can expect lasting comfort and durability. Besides, even after many times of uses, the foam retains its original shape and doesn't succumb to impressions. This characteristic contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of Club Central Hurstville, as the chairs continue to look inviting and well-maintained.

Additionally, the use of high-end metal materials in chairs also promises next-level structural integrity and stability. Meanwhile, we use the reinforced tubing&built in chair structure improving the double strength. That's one of the deciding factors that allowed the Club Central Hurstville to believe Yumeya. After all, Yumeya Furniture is one of the few furniture manufacture warranty.

Yumeya's Partnership With Club Central Hurstville 3

A well-maintained and clean restaurant goes a long way towards ensuring successful business and frequent visits. Visitors pay close attention to the small details such as the appearance and tidiness of the furniture, so it's wise to check all of these things in order to maintain the restaurant's reputation. Recognising this, Yumeya's easy to maintain clean chairs are a great fit for Club Central Hurstville. Several restaurant&cafe chairs provided by Yumeya are manufactured with powder-coated metal frames are easy to clean and disinfect. Using a soft wet rag with mild soap and water will clean up to 99% of all grime. The metal frames have a non-porous surface with no crevices to resist bacterial growth and build-up. We also offer a full range of fabrics and leathers suitable for restaurant use, which will ensure reduced maintenance costs and a long life for your furniture.

All of these qualities also make Yumeya the ideal choice for even big sporting events. With no compromise on quality, along with benefits such as easy maintenance, a 10-year warranty, and diverse design/color options, Yumeya's chairs have all it takes!

Yumeya's Partnership With Club Central Hurstville 4

We have R&D department and a strong team of designers that Yumeya work with, so don’t settle for “good enough”, we offer a custom design and ODM&OEM service to ensure your vision and goals are met!

So, are you looking to enhance your space with top-notch & durable furniture? Then, choose Yumeya – where style meets durability and innovation meets satisfaction. Elevate your venue with Yumeya Furniture today!

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