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Yumeya new design Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chairs is coming!



I want to share you an effective extension of traditional flex back chair. This new product can develop your market and make you more competitive in the market. As we all know, the hotel banquet industry is in rat race. The profits drive factories not able to make new design in appearance. Look at the furniture market, the flex back chairs feature a indifferent powder coating color.When there are large-scale similar products on the market, people get tired of these designs and suffer from visual fatigue. Yumeya realized this disadvantage and began to make changes to the traditional flex back chair. Therefore, a new design wood grain flex back banquet chair is born.

Yumeya new design Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chairs is coming! 1

When you touch Yumeyas wood grain flex back banquet chairs, you will marvel at Yumeyas ingenuity, the chairs looks like a masterpiece. Sitting on the wood grain flex back banquet chair, people can get the warmth from the solid wood texture instead of the cold metal temperature.This is one of the important reasons why people want to return to nature. As the wood grain is applied to flex back banquet chairs, it meets peoples desire to return to the nature. Metal wood grain make people close to nature by solid wood texture without cutting down trees. There is no doubt that it is environment friendly. This is also a visual impact on the traditional flex back chair, bringing a strong sense of freshness to people.

Yumeya new design Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chairs is coming! 2

Metal wood grain chair have no holes and no seams, combined with effective cleaning programs, it can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Even if a high concentration of disinfectant is used, it will not cause the discoloration of color. This will make daily use and cleaning easier.

All surfaces of the whole chair are covered with clear and real wood grain.Through Yumeya cooperate with the Tiger Powder Coat, a world-famous professional metal powder brand, metal wood grain is more than 3 times durable than the same product in the market. Besides, the color rendering of wood grain on the powder is improved, and the wood grain is clearer. It means that Yumeyas metal wood grain can maintain its good look for years with a significantly improved in wear resistance.

Yumeya new design Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chairs is coming! 3

Actually metal wood grain chair is metal chair, so it is as high strength as metal chair. Besides, it connects different tubing by welding, which will not solid wood chair when there is charge of humidity and temperature in the air. At the same time, Yumeyas metal wood grain is only 40%--50% price of solid wood chair. Metal wood grain with high quality but low price will be a good option. With 10 years frame&mould foam warranty, Yumeya promises to replace a new chair or a new mould foam within 10 years if the problem is causing by structure or quality problem.$0 after-sales cost, you dont need to replace costly furniture and free you from after-sales worries.

Yumeya wood grain flex back banquet chairs combine the features mentioned above, ‘higher strength’, ‘20% - 30% of price’, ‘solid wood texture’. The flex back accessory is panted CFTM structure,an innovation in China.Since then,Yumeya helps clients develop the chair higher flex comfort and extend the chair service life. The wood grain flex back strikes a balance between beauty and function. It is surely to be an ideal option for choosing banquet chairs in modern hotel conference.

Yumeya new design Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chairs is coming! 4

  More information about the new wood grain flex back chair, please contract us without hesitation.

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