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Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano


Salone del Mobile Milano , an international furniture, home furnishing, architecture, accessories and lamps Weather vane, represents the top level of furniture and home Fashion design in the world. It is not only a trading platform for furniture import and export between Italy and countries around the world, but also a grand event eagerly anticipated by global furniture industry professionals every year. The Milan Furniture Fair in Italy brings together the world's top design concepts and achievements. The fair is a good platform for domestic enterprises to understand international furniture trends, broaden their horizons, engage with top international designers, and discover partnership partners. That's why Yumeya Furniture must persist in participating in the Milan Furniture Fair every year to draw more high-end design inspiration. In 2023, we participated in the Milan Furniture Fair as scheduled, where we fully appreciated the outstanding achievements of top fashion furniture, which has a promoting effect on inspiring design thinking and inspiration.

  Yumeya Furniture is a world leading metal wood grain furniture manufacturer . We focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and have become one of the top metal grain furniture resources in the world. Our commitment to providing stylish, functional pieces that meet the unique needs of each individual client is unparalleled.

 From concept to design, from art to life, from fashion to trend, we have embarked on a spiritual journey of exploring design aesthetics, aiming to learn international design concepts and apply them to the design of metal wood grain furniture, keeping our core metal wood grain furniture advanced and brilliant. Milan Furniture Fair attracted famous designers from around the world, and Yumeya met with collaborating designers BALDANZI&NOVELLI there. Designers have expressed their understanding and experience of different cultures, and the collision of different cultures has elevated diverse design concepts and gradually brought Yumeya metal wood grain design closer to international trends.

  On this trip to Italy, Yumeya was inspired by the latest and best designs in the design industry, and decided to apply the most innovative design elements to metal wood grain chairs, collaborating with designers to create eternal works. Soon after, Yumeya launched global new product promotion tour in 2023, promoting the world with a highly forward-looking metal wood grain chair . We have been following the trend and seizing development, and the results seem to have come out. Our first stop in Dubai, all the feedback we received from customers , from design to quality to comfort, was highly praised, and our hearts were filled with excitement.

Some photos of Dubai tour

Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano 1 Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano 2 Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano 3

  The second stop to Morocco has also departed From July 4th---July14th. This time, we brought the latest metal wood grain wedding&event furniture. A wedding seat series carefully designed by the best furniture designers. Each chair is designed and produced with craftsmanship and focus on every detail to achieve ultimate perfection. Metal wood grain wedding furniture combines the warmth and beauty of natural wood with the advantages of low maintenance, lightweight, and durable metal, making it an ideal choice. If you are in Morocco, don't miss this opportunity to witness this series firsthand.

  Yumeya global new product promotion tour continue to trend in 2023. and Yumeya will bring the latest designed products to the world to meet the constantly changing needs and trends of the market. Whether you're looking for new furniture in the market or just looking for inspiration, take a look at our exciting furniture collection. Our professional team will always answer any questions you have and find the perfect item for you.

Sharing some of our most popular collections:

Metal wood grain flex back chair Durable and stylish, metal wood grain flex back chair is ideal for banquet events. Yumeya apply patented CFTM structure(CF:Carbon Fiber) to the flex back chairs, which is an innovation in China and brings extra comfort. The metal wood grain flex back chair breaks the old design pattern, bringing people more comfortable feelings and makes longer lifetime.Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano 4

Metal wood grain wedding&events chair: With sleek, luxury designs and comfortable upholstery, the wedding chairs are the perfect blend of form and function. Designed to metal wood grain finish, these chairs are made from high-quality aluminum materials and easily withstand the rigors of daily use while still looking great.

Yumeya get furniture design inspiration at Salone del Mobile Milano 5


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