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Yumeya Furniture's Australian Tour---A Recap


Thank you to all the people who welcomed us to visit.

From August to September in 2023,YumeyaGlobal Product Promotion Tour" arrived in Australia. In multiple cities in Australia, we have met with new and old customers to showcase our comprehensive range of commercial furniture, while also obtaining a wealth of market information.

  As the fourth stop of overseas promotion, our footprint covers multiple cities in Australia. Yumeya always seizes the excellent opportunity to meet with our clients and peers to discuss market dynamics. Our metal wood grain furniture is also very popular with local customers, whether from the quality, design, function and other aspects have been appreciated by customers. During the conversation, we learned about the characteristics and demand of the furniture market in Australia, and we are committed to providing them with products that exceed their special category needs.


 Trends to note

  • Good quality products are always popular. Australia is a sparsely populated country with a relatively scarce labor force but high prices in the local. People attach great importance to the quality of their products. Because when there are quality issues with the product, it requires expensive maintenance costs or return and exchange fees, which is not conducive to their product winning competitiveness in the market. We showcased the chair's quality to our customers, and all Yumeya chairs are made of the highest grade raw materials, capable of bearing 500 pounds. At the same time, our chair offer a 10-year frame and mold foam warranty, with a 0$ after-sales cost to eliminate after-sales concerns. At Yumeya factory, we use the most advanced production equipment to replace manual labor, ensuring production efficiency and quality. Compared to the quality of other products on the market, Yumeya chairs are highly favored by customers.
  • Metal wood grain technology is received well. In Australia , solid wood commercial furniture products account for the majority, and customers have little contact with metal wood grain products. In this meeting with the clients, we recommended metal wood grain chairs, and they were all very interested. Yumeya has 25 years of production experience in metal wood grain technology. Metal wood grain technology makes people get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal. Metal wood grain chairs adopt full welding technology and will not face quality issues of looseness. Compared to same quality level solid wood chairs , the price of metal wood grain chairs is only 50% of that of solid wood chairs. The metal wood grain combines the advantages of solid wood chairs and metal chairs, with "higher strength", "40% -50% of price", and "solid wood texture". It is a cost-effective metal chair.
  • Adaptable and durable chairs are the solution for outdoor furniture. In Australia, people tend to engage in outdoor activities due to the comfortable air environment, so there is a great demand for outdoor furniture. At Yumeya, we are improving our complete outdoor product line, and more and more new products have the ability to adapt to outdoor environments. In additionOutdoor Metal Wood Grain Technology have expanded the application range of the technology. The successful research and development of Outdoor Metal Wood Grain makes it an effective supplement to solid wood in more fields. Yumeya cooperated with Tiger Powder Coat, an international famous powder coat brand which makes our products more than 3 times wear resistance than the similar products in the market. Our top-quality coatings are guaranteed to preserve the value of your chairs surfaces for the long term.
  • Senior living furniture has a unique pursuit of comfort. At present, we use high-density and high rebound mold foam on most chairs, which will not collapse after long-term use. We have understood the demand of the elderly care furniture market, and next we will develop a unique comfortable soft cushion suitable for high-end aged care and health care to meet their high pursuit of comfort.
  • We know that most elderly people in Australia go to non-profit clubs to participate in beneficial entertainment activities to enjoy their bodies and minds. Undoubtedly, this has increased the demand for comfortable elderly seats in communities and clubs. Yumeya provides every furniture solution that meets the needs of various chairs suitable for use in cinemas, restaurants, banquets, leisure areas, public areas, and more. And the chair can be customized to meet the unique needs of each individual, such as adding auxiliary accessories such as casters and handles. 
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As a leading chair manufacturer and supplier , Yumeya creates furniture for hotels, restaurants, senior living&healthcare, wedding&rentals, casinos, and more that range from a fashion classic to a unique trendsetter. The metal furniture is exquisitely designed, easy to clean and maintain, made of durable and safe material structure, and has 10-year frame warranty. Ergonomic design provides long-lasting comfort and refinement. The metal chair features a warm solid wood texture finish, creating an eternal charm.

To learn more about our products, visit our website at https://www.youmeiya.net/  or contact our team today on 008613534726803


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