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What to Look For In Commercial Cafe Chairs?


What's the most important thing for a cafe or any other commercial venue? Of course, the answer will be the guests! This makes it even more important to ensure the guests are comfortable while they enjoy a donut with coffee. But what steps can be taken by a cafe to ensure comfort to the guests? The answer is high-quality and comfortable commercial cafe chairs!

Over the years, we have listened to the complaints of numerous cafe owners related to the chairs. This has enabled us to create a checklist that allows any cafe owner to buy the best commercial cafe chairs.

5 Factors to Look For In Commercial Cafe Chairs

Have you ever wished there was a magic formula you could use to find the ideal commercial cafe chairs? Then take a look below:

  • Don't Compromise On Quality

In cafes or any other establishment from the hospitality industry, the one item that's used the most is chairs. That's why it wouldn't be wrong to say that they go through a hard time every day without any breaks. This heavy usage can make even brand-new chairs start to look a little worn out or even look as if they are several years old. Such extensive wear and tear in the cafe means some chairs may end up falling apart a lot sooner than expected. On the other hand, some chairs can start to look like ancient furniture pieces brought straight from the historical epoch. 

To avoid these problems and to ensure that the cafe chairs last for a long time, make no compromise on the quality. The easiest way to pick quality cafe chairs is to go with a reputable manufacturer that offers a good warranty. By choosing cafe chairs with a warranty, you can rest assured that you will be covered if anything goes wrong.

In general, guarantees or warranties are a sign that the cafe chairs are of good quality and will likely stay in great shape for years to come. If you think about it, the choice to pick cheaper furniture has the obvious benefit of saving money. However, it became clear within a few months that picking cheap quality chairs was not worth the savings! From chairs that break in the middle of the day to frequent replacements, these cheap chairs can easily get expensive.

You would be surprised to know That Yumeya is a reputable name in the realm of commercial chairs. With a 10-year warranty on our entire chairs catalog, you can pick quality chairs at affordable prices.

 What to Look For In Commercial Cafe Chairs? 1

  • Ideal Comfort Level for Guests

Every cafe or restaurant owner wants comfortable chairs for the patrons... However, the real question is what the ideal comfort level is when it comes to cafe chairs. In our opinion, the best cafe chairs are the ones that are comfortable but not too comfortable as well. Here's a quick example to explain the reason behind this:

If the cafe chairs are too comfortable, the guests will want to stay seated for a long period of time. Now, this is a good thing but not so much when considering that it will mean new guests can't be seated on time. At the same time, you can't pick uncomfortable chairs as it will drive the guests away.

To avoid both of these problems, you need chairs with an ideal comfort level. We understand this unique requirement for the cafes, restaurants, and other commercial venues. That's why when you pick Yumeya's commercial chairs, you are picking the ideal comfort level for your esteemed patrons.


  • Ample Back Support

A common factor that is often overlooked by the cafes is the importance of ample back support. Ensuring the customer's comfort is of utmost importance at a cafe, restaurant, or similar place. And one can't deliver this comfort to the guests if the chairs don't have ample back support.

In fact, it is common in many cafes to use chairs that totally lack back support. To elevate your cafe from the competition, you should pick chairs that come with good back support as it is directly tied to comfort. At the end of the day, the comfort level of the chair comes down to its core design. For example, some chairs are just outright uncomfortable to sit in and it has to do with their design. From the elements that poke into the guest's back to unusual designs that feel uncomfortable, there's a lot that can go wrong.

So the next time you are looking to buy care furniture online, always inquire about whether it has ample back support. If possible, also test the chair yourself by ordering a couple of sample pieces beforehand.


  • Go For Strong and Sturdy Base

Aluminum chairs can be seen extensively in the hospitality industry and for all the right reasons. From great appearances to easy upkeep, they offer all the properties needed in a good cafe chair.

However, a common problem that's normally seen in these aluminum chairs is the bending of the legs. What really happens in these chairs is that they don't have strong legs in the first place. So when these chairs are exposed to heavy usage, they can bend and break down.

But you would be surprised to know that this problem isn't exactly related to aluminum metal. Most of the chairs like these are made from thin aluminum pipes that can easily break down.

So, another factor to look for in a good cafe chair is a strong and sturdy base. Aluminum chairs that are made with 2.0mm thick aluminum tubes are ideal as they can easily withstand heavy loads without fail.

 What to Look For In Commercial Cafe Chairs? 2

  • Maintenance Is Key

“Oh no! Someone has spilled coffee on the chairs... Look, there are some leftover pieces of donut/cake on the chairs.” Accidents like these are common in a busy cafe and you can't really blame the guests. Amidst all of this, it makes sense to pick cafe chairs that are easy to clean and maintain.

Go for cafe chairs that use a waterproof fabric as the upholstery as it makes it a breeze to clean any spills and stains. Just like that, chairs that have minimal seams and smooth surfaces can further simplify the cleaning process.

By choosing chairs like that, the cleaning and maintenance will become as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just by using a simple cleaning solution or a wet wipe, the chairs will return to their original brand-new form!



Looking for the ideal cafe chairs wholesale that meet all of these requirements and then some more? Yumeya Furniture stands as the go-to solution for top-tier commercial cafe chairs.

We offer a 10-year warranty on our cafe chairs which is a testament to lasting quality and excellent craftsmanship. By choosing Yumeya Furniture, you can avail the benefits of ultimate comfort, easy maintenance, ideal back support, and high durability.

Yumeya doesn't just offer chairs; we provide an unparalleled experience for cafes, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Elevate your venue with Yumeya's commitment to quality, comfort, and longevity in every chair.

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