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 The key to the year lies in spring, as many businessmen are stepping out of their countries to seek new business opportunities in China. Currently, Yumeya is in a busy sales season, warmly welcoming businessmen from different regions and countries to explore new business opportunities at Yumeya and find new inspirations for projects.

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Yumeya is one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal wood-grain chairs, leveraging our rich 25 years of manufacturing experience to showcase this technology to its fullest potential. Metal wood-grain chairs combine the strength of metal with the warmth of wood, showcasing detailed real wood textures in every aspect. In addition, the strength of our metal wood-grain chairs is exceptionally high, as we use high-quality aluminum materials combined with patented tubing to increase overall strength of the chair by at least two times. Our metal wood-grain chairs can support up to 500 pounds and come with a 10-year frame warranty. Last but not least, our metal wood grain chairs are a practical choice that incorporates features such as lightweight, stackable, easy to clean and affordable.

Perhaps your understanding of metal wood-grain chairs only lingers in the concept stage, and you may doubt their value. Our sales explanations may not compare to finding answers in our actual production process. If you are new to metal wood-grain technology or are interested in these chairs, we sincerely invite you to visit the Yumeya factory and witness the production process firsthand. 

Yumeya is a powerful factory with abundant production resources to meet your project needs. In 2023, we achieved significant milestones such as the Yumeya Global Product Promotion Tour, CIFF Guangzhou, workshop upgrades, product line enhancements, new lab openings, and a successful Dealer Conference,all of these have laid a solid foundation for our future development and enhanced Yumeya's brand reputation.

Moreover, we are excited to continue collaborations with renowned designers, resulting in launching new products with appealing designs, including restaurant seating, outdoor seating, and hotel guest room seating. We believe these new products will greatly enhance business opportunities and increase your competitiveness in the market. 

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At the same time, we are actively updating our attractive catalogue to include hotel banquet chairs, hotel room chairs, wedding chairs, restaurant chairs and other categories, so if you are planning to visit us in March, this is a good opportunity because you can get our latest catalogue to select the most suitable products for you!

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So why not schedule a visit to the Yumeya factory to witness where the magic unfolds? Explore our exceptional production processes, the latest 2024 products, informative catalog books, and more!

If you're planning on travelling to CIFF, please schedule your time to visit Yumeya and we can assist in organizing your visit. For inquiries, feel free to contact our sales team or reach out via WhatsApp at +8613534726803!

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Yumeya Global Promotion Tour will launch in France in April
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