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Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!


After COVID-19, business in the market recovered. More and more foreign customers are seizing the opportunity to develop new business models and come to China to negotiate business with Yumeya. We have received multiple guests who have come to the factory one after another. We welcome every guest to visit the factory. Visiting the factory is an important opportunity for customers to have a deeper understanding of us, and to develop a deeper sense of security and trust in us. I believe that for every visiting guest, this is of extraordinary significance.

 Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  1Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  2Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  3

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, people put comfort first in their choice of furniture. However, in our conversations with numerous guests, it is clear that people nowadays not only need to choose comfortable furniture, but also focus more on safety. Yumeya metal wood grain chair has  appearance of solid wood but metal strength . It doesn't have holes and gaps like solid wood, and won't breed bacteria and viruses. Combining effective cleaning procedures can effectively prevent the spread of pathogens. Metal wood grain chairs have the appearance of solid wood, but the price is 40% -50% of that of solid wood chairs, effectively reducing business costs. So, metal wood grain chairs are becoming increasingly popular, and many commercial places tend to prefer metal wood grain chairs instead of solid wood chairs. We believe that metal wood grain chairs have profound development potential and bright development prospects.

Over the past three years, Yumeya has focused on innovating new products and researching new technologies. In addition, we vigorously improve our four product lines, with Yumeya products covering areas such as hotels, cafe&restaurants, wedding&events, and senior living&healthcare. By collaborating with renowned designers, we launch over 20 new design products every year, including sofas, bar stools, side chairs, arm chairs, etc., to ensure that we keep up with the times, align with international fashion furniture design, and help our customers improve their competitiveness. Yumeya provides the widest selection and highest quality commercial contract chair in the industry, ensuring customized design and functionality tailored to each customer's needs. With just one image, we can turn customers' ideas into reality.


Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  4 Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  5Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  6Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  7


In the future, metal wood grain will still be our core. Yumeya is one of the world leading metal wood grain chairs manufacturers . Yumeya metal wood grain chairs have the characteristics of affordable price, clear wood texture, light weight but high strength. This year, we will launch metal grain chairs for outdoor use, allowing the use of metal grain chairs to involve more scenarios. The surface treatment of Yumeya metal wood grain chair uses Tiger Powder Coat, which has high color rendering and strong wear resistance. Outdoor chairs need to be exposed to different weather conditions for a long time. Metal wood grain chairs have solid conditions to cope with weather conditions, will not fade or change color, and maintain a good appearance for many years.

How does Yumeya support you in your metal wood grain business?Yumeya use the metal wood grain to extend market and clients without changing the brand position. If you have a solid wood chair in metal wood grain style version,when a potential client feel the solid wood chair is too high, then what can you do? You can sell the metal wood grain chair in lower price but in same quality. Yumeya give you a 10 years frame warranty. In Yumeya, it is very easy to start “Metal Wood Grain”business. You just need to tell us what is your best selling solid wood products. Then Yumeya senior R&D department will change your solid wood chair into metal wood grain version with same appearance. In addition, Yumeya help you take some HD product pictures, product video, make some color sample, catalog, fabric book and so on. All of all, Yumeya focus on helping you start your business in the simplest way.

The customers visited Yumeya for the first time after COVID-19, where they saw the rigorous production process and felt the professional service of the sales team, and praised us endlessly. Many customers have gained a deep understanding of metal wood grain and have developed a great interest in it. With the professional help of Yumeya, customers can find direction in their business cooperation with Yumeya metal wood grain and find the value of cooperation with us. Gradually, metal wood grain will usher in significant development.

 Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  8Welcome to Yumeya for business cooperation!  9

Yumeya Furniture is the first factory in China provide 10 years frame and molded foam warranty, definitely free you from after-sales worries. With more than 20 years of Metal Wood Grain chairs manufacturing experience, Yumeya is the right supplier for your new business . Welcome to China to visit Yumeya, please feel free to contact us to conduct business!

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