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Yumeya Side Table Stick C13 & C14 Series --Elegantly Charming

The furniture industry is changing at a rapid pace. You must keep your place updated too. Well, with the most amazing and elegant C13 & C14 side table from Yumeya, you can carry this well. With the trust of Yumeya, it is a sure thing that there will be no compromise in terms of durability and quality. With such a creative design and appeal, your place will get a complete makeover. Upgrade your interior game with the ultimate side table , and there is no doubt that you will get an amazing amount of praise from every guest.


C13 Series

One of the most eligible candidates for bringing it to your place to enhance the overall appeal, the C13  is super-beautiful. The 6mm THK glass laminated with 6mm THK Chinese brand sintered stone makes it an attractive and durable option for your space. The base is steel in powder coated finish that radiates elegance. The complete combination is nothing lesser than pure luxury for your space. Enhance the usability and productivity of your space with a touch of charm.


C14 Series

The C14 series is elegant and unique tables that can revolutionize your space into an amazing setting. Do you know what the best quality is? As its table top is made of 6mm THK Chinese brand sintered stone and the frame is steel in black powder coated finish,the table's unique design catches the attention of anyone who is observing it for the first time. In addition, you can keep the table in any setting of your choice, including commercial or residential.


Unique Design

There are multiple options and variations of tables when we visit the market. However, the unique design you get here is something eye-catchy and different. If you are seeking furniture with a creative design that will go well in any setting at your place, go for these two choices. Its utility is surprising and will create an amazing vibe in your space.


Top-Notch Detailing

Yumeya believes in giving its best when it comes to furniture. People know us because of the highest level of detailing we offer our clients. With rigorous QC inspection, we ensure that only the highest standards reach your home. Everything is just pure beauty, from the marble to the steel, from manufacturing to the ultimate finish.


Beautiful Appeal

Isn't it wonderful that a table of amazing utility can also be super appealing? Yes! The beautiful design at the top and the classic finish at the base are simply beautiful. You will only get an idea once you bring it to your place and add amazing value.


What All Places Can You Keep The Table?

There is no such limit to the places where you keep this table. However, here are some ideas for you:

● Restaurants

● Libraries

● Cafes

● Offices

● Study Spaces

● Residential Places

● Commercial Settings


Yumeya holds high standards when it comes to delivering to clients. Only the best from our end reaches the customer, ensuring that, in the end, you get the happiness that you are looking for. The quality, appeal, charm, finishing, and ultimate vibe that the tables present are classy. Get them today!

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