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The Upgrading of Metal Wood Grain Technology : Heat Transfer


It all started in 1998 when Mr. Gongzhiming, founder of Yumeya, invented the world's first metal wood grain chair. Since then, Metal Wood Grain Technology has continued to develop over the years at Yumeya. Today, Yumeya has become the world's leading metal wood grain chair manufacturer with over 25 years of experience.

To celebrate the two-and-a-half-decade of excellence, Yumeya also celebrated its 25th anniversary. The fact that Yumeya's chairs have graced commercial & residential settings with its wood grain technology for decades was enough of a reason for this celebration. This raises the question of what is metal wood grain. Actually, Metal wood grain is a heat technology that allows one to get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal.

Throughout the years, as the first person to apply wood grain technology to metal chairs, Mr Gong and his team have been working tirelessly on upgrading wood grain technology.


 The Upgrading of Metal Wood Grain Technology

In the beginning, Mr Gong & his team tried water transfer printing technology to achieve a wood look on the metal surface. The result of this experiment was a success, as the natural wood texture was transferred to the product. But soon, it was discovered that water transfer printing technology also has its limitations, and its transfer texture is easily deformed, which is related to the properties of the water transfer printing film itself. During the transfer process, the water transfer film is affected by factors such as expansion and dissolution, resulting in tensile deformation when the texture is completely in contact with the metal substrate. In addition, the effect of water transfer printing is not ideal, and the texture is unnatural. After being placed for a period of time, the texture can even be easily erased.

On the path to exploring the right production of metal wood grain chairs, Yumeya found that heat transfer printing is the most suitable process technology for making metal wood grain chairs.

Metal wood grain heat transfer printing refers to the rapid transfer and penetration of wood grain textures on wood grain paper to the surface of already sprayed metal materials. The heating and pressure over time lead to the transfer of wood grain texture on the chair itself.


  How A Metal Wood Grain Chair Is Made?

First, cover a layer of powder coat on the surface of the metal frame. Second, cover the match wood grain paper on the powder. In the third step, send the metal for heating, transferring the color on the wood grain paper to the powder coat layer. In the fourth step, remove the wood grain paper to obtain the metal wood grain.

By combining wood grain paper with heat transfer printing technology, the texture of the metal wood grain chair is clear, realistic, & has a strong three-dimensional sense. All of these properties allow the chairs to reflect the natural feeling of the wood grain.

Combined with heat transfer technology, there are two key points to get a clear wood grain as real: the powder coat layer and the full touch of the paper and the powder. Through the cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat, the color rendering of the wood grain on the powder is improved, and the powder is clearer. Besides, decades of experience have allowed Yumeya to develop a special high-temperature resistant PVC mold that ensures full contact between wood grain paper and the powder.

  Yumeya - The Leader in Wood Grain Metal Technology

The advancement of technology has promoted the upgrading and iteration of the Yumeya metal grain production process. None of these achievements in metal wood grain chair  could have been accomplished without many years of detailed work in quality and design improvement. Upgrading from water transfer printing technology to heat transfer printing is a new technological breakthrough, bringing new vitality to metal wood grain textures by bringing multiple wood grain textures that look clearer and more realistic!

The Upgrading of Metal Wood Grain Technology : Heat Transfer  1


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