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The Difference Between Yumeya Furniture And Other Factory


Searching for the perfect furniture manufacturer can feel overwhelming with so many options out there. But fear not, because Yumeya Furniture is here to make your decision much easier!  We are confident that we will be your most reliable and valuable partner. Why is Yumeya Furniture so assured of this? The following article offers an explanation that the difference between Yumeya and other factories, highlighting the benefits of Yumeya Furniture in three categories: productivity, service, and development.


  • Production capacity

Yumeya is one of the largest metal wood grain furniture manufacturer in China. With a whopping 20000 m² workshop and over 200 skilled workers, we've got the resources to bring your furniture dreams to life. Yumeya monthly production capacity is up to 100000 chairs, including 100000 side chairs and 40000 arm chairs.

In order to provide our customers with the most standard products, we introduce state-of-the-art equipment in our workshop includes welding robots, testing machines, PCM machine, automatic grinder and so on. Besides, there is no doubt that the advanced workshop is also the foundation to achieve 25 days quick ship and high end quality.

As a responsible enterprise, Yumeya has always made every effort to promote environmental protection. We have a pollution discharge permit, which means that our production process is green and environmentally friendly and it has been recognized by government departments. Buying green products from Yumeya is a manifestation of social responsibility and also enhances the soft power of your brand.

  • Good Quality

We recognize that investing in a high-quality commercial chair can offer numerous advantages to your enterprise. Maybe most of the people think good quality is excellent details. But in the philosophy of Yumeya Furniture, ‘Good Quality= Safety+Comfort+Standard+Standard+Details+Package’ .That's why we were the first factory in China to dare to offer a 10-year frame warranty

  1. Safety: We use Reinforced tubing&Built in chair structure, the strength is at least doubled than the regular. All Yumeya chairs can bear more than 500 pounds and with 10-years frame warranty.
  2. Comfort: Every chair we designed is ergonomic. Besides, we uses high resilience foam with high rebound and moderate hardness on the chair, which not only has long service time but also make everyone sit comfortably.
  3. Standard: Each piece undergoes meticulous crafting, adhering to the high standards expected by our customers. Rigorous quality checks are conducted to ensure every product meets our stringent quality criteria.
  4. Excellent Details: There is no welding mark can be seen on the chair at all .For the invisible details problems,such as metal thorn that can scratch hands. All the chair shall be polished at least 3 times and inspected for 9 times before shipping.
  5.  Package: Without sacrificing the chair to be well protected , we try all the best to improve the loading quantity to realize the highest cost performance of products. Meanwhile, all packages are subject to transportation simulation test to make sure chair in good protection.

 The Difference Between Yumeya Furniture And Other Factory 1


At Yumeya, We believe that all our customers deserve our best service. For every order, our specialized sales team follow up each step of the process, from drawing to  making a proof , packing, and shipping, to guarantee smooth delivery to the customer.

Furthermore, our online service is available 24/7 to provide top-quality customer service. What's more, we offer proofing services for every valuable order. Yumeya Sample Department comprises skilled engineers adept at amalgamating clients' concepts to produce chairs that are both pragmatic and attractive.

What's more, choosing Yumeya factory achieve a easy way to start your business with Yumeya. It make the cooperation between customers and Yumeya became easily. From selling materials, selling support to photography and video service, Yumeya tend to provide complete sales resource so that they can seize development opportunities in time.

 The Difference Between Yumeya Furniture And Other Factory 2


  • Technology Development

 Yumeya can not only provide you good quality and good service, but also constantly create more possibilities and make your business more competitive.We have innovated several technologies in response to market progressions and evolving requirements, such as

  1. KD Technology: Do you have a headache that your customers are hesitate because of the high shipping cost. How to load more products will directly reduce the overall cost and increase the competitive advantages. To deal with this problem, Yumeya develop a new KD technology without changing the appearance but the loading QTY will be double.
  2. DouTM -Powder Coat Technology: The shining effect of paint will make the chair look more upscale.But we know paint contains  many substances that are not environmentally friendly and scratched more easily. To solve this problem, Yumeya cooperate with Tiger Powder Coat and launched DouTM -Powder Coat Technology. It combined the durability and environmental performance of powder coat and the shining effect of paint.


  • Product Development

Yumeya have a strong R & D team led by Mr Wang, the royal designer of HK Maxim’s Group. They are experienced and have worked in this industry for more than 20 years so that implement your customers idea well. Besides, Yumeya travels abroad to participate in the grand Milan exhibition every year to draw design inspiration. By cooperating with famous designers, Yumeya develop more than 20 new products every year. The charm of new products is that they can help our customers to enjoy the market competitiveness brought by product design. A new product with a good design will become a new weapon for you to develop your market

 The Difference Between Yumeya Furniture And Other Factory 3

Overall, Yumeya Furniture displays an exceptional level of expertise in all aspects of furniture manufacturing. Yumeya Furniture has produced the best furniture and has set promises to deliver the same high-quality products for all our customers in the future. So, if there is one place you can unquestioningly trust when it comes to seeking for a furniture supplier, it is this seller for sure.

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