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Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 1
Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 2
Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 3
Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 1
Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 2
Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain  YW5567 3

Hotel Room Chair for Sale Metal Wood Grain YW5567

Indulge in Supreme Comfort and Timeless Elegance with YW5567. Elevate your space with its captivating presence. Revel in the plush, high-quality cushions that provide unparalleled comfort, sparing your back from aches and strain during lengthy sittings. With a 10-year frame guarantee, wear-resistant paint, YW5567 promises enduring charm and long-lasting luxury.
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    Ideal Choice

    The robust metal frame and realistic metal wood grain effect  exemplify both style and exceptional comfort. Perfectly placed armrests provide a cozy perch to relax while relishing the plush seat and back cushions. The arms make it an ideal armchair for elderly people.  High quality comfort is deeply loved by people of all ages and is an ideal choice for various room chairs.This chair is crafted not only for superior comfort but also to command attention wherever it graces a setting.

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    Durable And Beautiful Hotel Room Chairs YW5567

    Its elegance enhances any setting it graces, while its damage and fade-resistant color promise everlasting beauty.  YW5567 made of  high quality aluminum, which thickness is more than 2.0mm  and even the stressed part can more than 4.0mm. The high-quality materials and 10-year frame warranty ensure that the YW5567 chair is more durable.The fashionable and luxurious design of the YW5567 armchair enables it to be used in various commercial places such as hotel guests rooms and rest areas.

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    Key Feature

    --- Holds up to 500 pounds

    --- Strong Aluminum Frame

    --- 10-year Frame Warranty 

    --- Durable And Aesthetically Pleasing Metal Powder Coating

    --- Realistic Wood Grain Effect


    YW5567 with its meticulously designed ergonomics, including the perfect armrest height and soft cushioned back, in conjunction with high-quality foam in the seat, this chair ensures not only aesthetic appeal but also remarkable comfort. Your spine and body remain well-supported, even after extended hours of sitting, making it the perfect combination of beauty and comfort.

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    Excellent Details

    Every Detail Exudes Excellence. From the flawless, straight, and plush cushions to the seamless frame with no visible welding marks, this chair leaves no room for disappointment. The metal wood grain effect of the frame makes it difficult for you to distinguish whether it is a metal wood grain chair or a solid wood chair. Its ergonomic design and thoughtfully positioned armrests beautifully complement the chair's overall charm. The Tiger powder coating ensures three times more wear resistance, making it a true testament to durability.


    YW5567 chair is designed to guarantee your safety and stability, capable of withstanding up to 500 lbs without deformation or shape change. YW5567 passed the strength test  of EN16139:2013/AC: 2013 level 2 and ANS/BIFMAX5.4-2012. In addition to strength, Yumeya also pays attention to the invisible safety problems. YW5567 is polished for 3 times to avoid the metal burrs that can scratch hands.

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    At Yumeya, each piece is a product of dedication and hard work, using advanced Japanese machinery to control the error within 3mm Our commitment to quality ensures that every chair is immaculate, clean, and sophisticated, free from even the slightest imperfection.

    What It Looks Like In Hotel?

    The versatility of this chair makes it an ideal choice for various rooms, whether in an hotel, guestroom, or Nursing Home. Backed by a 10-year frame warranty and fade-resistant properties, it's perfect for commercial use. Crafted for daily durability, it's a one-time investment that yields lasting rewards. Yumeya's advanced technology ensures consistent results even during large-scale production.

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