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Metal Wood Grain Chairs: A Cost-Effective Solution in Today's World


The economic downturn that started during the pandemic era still continues to this day, as evident from the cautious consumption behavior around the world. That's why consumers tend to choose similar products but at a lower price to reduce costs. This cautious consumption behavior has also found its way into the furniture industry. As a result, more and more forward-looking customers are choosing metal wood grain as their new weapon to expand their market in the economic downturn.

Yumeya metal wood grain is a special technology through which solid wood texture is applied on the surface of the metal. This allows the Metal Wood Grain Chairs to have a solid wood texture. But in reality, they are just metallic chairs and come with all the benefits, such as high durability, affordability, & of course, a 'solid wood texture.' A metal wood grain chair is only 40% - 50% price of a solid wood chair, which makes them an affordable option. At the same time, these chairs appear as if they are solid wood chairs. For the guests, it is normal to mistake metal wood grain chairs for wooden chairs as they marvel at the natural beauty & timeless elegance of wooden texture.

For those who need high-quality chairs that look good and are highly durable, the answer lies in metal wood grain chairs. When a potential customer who recognizes your brand of high quality, but can’t afford the high price of solid wood chair, metal wood grain chair with high quality will be a good option.

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Metal Wood Grain Chairs vs. Solid Wood Chairs

Now let’s explore why metal wood grain chairs are cheaper than solid wood chairs and worth buying:

  •   Materials

  Solid wood is a natural resource and is thus limited in quantity. The production of high-end solid wood chairs usually uses hardwood, which grows slowly, so their resources are very scarce.In addition, the aesthetic texture of some solid wood is highly sought after, and these factors have led to higher prices for high-end solid wood. 

  On the contrary, the metal wood grain chair is made of metal, which is relatively cheap and has low maintenance costs. Metal wood grain chairs have various wood grain finishes available, similar to solid wood grain, including walnut, cherry, oak, beech, etc.


  • Durability

The different pipes of the metal wood grain chair are connected through full welding technology. On the other hand, wooden chairs are built with numerous wooden pieces held together with adhesive & nails. This means there's a 0% risk of loose parts when it comes to the metal wood grain chairs, but the same can't be said about solid wooden chairs.

The metal itself is a sturdy material that can withstand daily wear and tear. This means that metal wood grain chairs are unlikely to break or damage over time, making them a lasting choice for your commercial space.As solid wood is a natural material, it expands and contracts with heat, humidity, and cooler temperatures, causing unevenness. It can also show scratches and wear, even with finishing and regular treatments. If your dining room is a high-traffic area, solid wood may start to show its age more than it should!

 Metal Wood Grain Chairs: A Cost-Effective Solution in Today's World 2

  • Environment Protection

Solid wood furniture is made from forest resources. Due to environmental policies and increased efforts in environmental governance, many wood furniture companies that do not meet environmental standards will be shut down in the near future.

While promoting the upgrading of the solid wood furniture industry, it will also lead to supplier instability and shortages of raw materials, leading to price increases.

Metal wood grain furniture is a new type of environmentally friendly furniture that does not require the cutting of trees. Through heat transfer printing technology, the metal furniture has a solid wood texture, meeting people's desire to return to nature.

Yumeya cooperates with Tiger brand to develop Dou ™ Powder Coat Technology to replace traditional paint green and make it more durable.

As a responsible enterprise, Yumeya has always done its best to promote environmental protection. We will not face factory shutdown at any time due to environmental responsibility, effectively ensuring that customers' delivery time will not cause losses.


  • Mechanization Replacing Labor Force

At present, labor costs in society are increasing. In order to solve the problem of difficult employment, many enterprises have adopted automated and mechanized production equipment as well as new technologies. All of this is done to replace traditional manual labor & improve production efficiency while saving costs.

In Yumeya, 60% -70% of the production process of metal wood grain chairs can be achieved through mechanization. In our workshop, there are cutting machines, PCM machines, automated transport lines, welding robots, auto grinders, and so on.

For example, a welding robot can weld 500 chairs a day and achieve 7 * 24 hours of work. It is three times more efficient than humans, and it can also control the error within 1mm.

On the contrary, producing solid wood furniture is the most difficult to achieve mechanical intelligence. Solid wood furniture components cannot be fully mechanized in production, and many processes require manual operation, which relies heavily on labor. This forces solid wood furniture to require more labor, resulting in an increase in furniture costs.


  • Lightweight and stackable

The metal wood grain chair is mainly made of metal aluminum, which is lightweight and can be easily moved by anyone without any special requirements for employees. But, the same can't be said about wooden chairs as they tend to be heavy & thus require significant force to move them around.

In addition, metal wood grain chairs can be stacked 5-10 high, which can save more than 50% on transportation and daily storage.

The stackable design makes it convenient for commercial spaces like hotels, event halls, banquets, restaurants, & so on.

On the contrary, solid wood chairs are heavy due to their tight structure and limited stacking, which is not conducive to saving operating costs.



  Metal wood grain chair is an effective extension of solid wood chair in market & customer group. Metal wood grain chair is being valued by more and more market savvy customers, who are opening up a new track with metal wood grain chair. If you want to learn more about Yumeyas metal wood grain chair , please contact Yumeya  Furniture immediately.

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