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Introducing Yumeya's First Distributor - ALUwood


Yumeya is proud to acknowledge our latest distributor ALUwood in Singapore.

ALUwood is the distributor representative of Yumeya Furniture in Southeast Asia and is a Singapore-based commercial furniture supplier dedicated to providing eco-friendly furniture solutions that perfectly suit the esteemed establishments of the hospitality, catering and healthcare industry. 

Since 2023, ALUwood has been working with Yumeya. With the outstanding technical capability of Yumeya and the rich experience of Jerry Lim (the manager of ALUwood) in the industry will bring about a range of very well designed furniture which is comfortable and sustainable where maintenance is minimum giving operators maximum ROI on their investment with ALUwood furniture while looking after Mother Earth.


Introducing Jerry Lim-- The Founder Of ALUwood

Jerry Lim has been supplying furniture and equipment to the hotel industry and convention centres for the last 30 years. He spent 25 years building up SICO Asia and generating a healthy revenue with a factory in China, Beijing and an assembly plant in Malaysia.

After 25 years at Sico he divides to develop a new business in the Outdoor Furniture sector and establishing the Mondecasa in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Mondecasa can be found in many hotels, resorts, cruises worldwide. He also consulted Novox helping them chart a new business with a new direction.

Jerry saw the need for the hospitality and catering industry to go digital and founded Zeemart, a procurement app for the hospitality and F&B industry.  Jerry’s mantra is “I am very much a hotelier”, he is constantly thinking and looking to help hospitality and catering industry improving their operational and lowering cost with the present wish of going green and looking after Mother Earth.   


Now, ALUwood is his latest passion, working together with Yumeya, we aim to help develop furniture that help hotels move towards a long term sustainability and “green furniture” with the most cost efficient option with minimum maintenance. 

Introducing Yumeya's First Distributor - ALUwood 1

The Significance Of ALUwood And Yumeya's Partnership

Aluwood and Yumeya have established a friendly partnership. Metal wood grain technology  is very popular in the market because metal wood grain chair combines the strength of metal and the texture of solid wood, this kind of environmentally friendly product is definitely the direction of the future, and it certainly brings ALUwood infinite vitality. At the same time, we provide 10 years frame and molded foam to our chairs, high quality products to enhance the competitiveness and influence of distributors. Yumeya is not only very competent in technology, but also very proactive in marketing and developing new products. During our partnership, Yumeya has provided ALUwood with marketing materials such as product images, catalogues, samples, etc. to support them in developing new business, and even provided training for their team to raise their level of competence in the metal wood grain furniture industry. Through this, our partnership has been strengthened based on  our strength and their strength in Asia Southeast.


Welcome To Cooperate With Yumeya with The Easy Way To Start Your New Business

  It is often not easy to get to know a brand or a new product from 0 to 1. Therefore, Yumeya will prepare the marketing materials in advance, so that you and your customers can understand the charming points of the chairs further. Therefore, Yumeya will prepare the marketing materials in advance, so that you and your customers can understand the charming points of the chairs further. We understand that the successful launch of a new product in the market can be challenging, as it takes a lot of time and goes through a series of processes, including the selection of the right product, the preparation of the marketing materials, and the training of the sales team. This process is time-consuming for many of our clients, so they don't promote their new products as often as they should, resulting in a failure to capitalise on growth opportunities.

  For this purpose, Yumeya launched a special support policy “Easy way to start your business”, it make the cooperation between customers and Yumeya became easily. Yumeya tend to provide comprehensive marketing resource for our customer, supporting them in their metal wood grain business well.  

Sales material support

1. Provide product catalogs, color cards, leaflet and fabric books (all these can change to your logo)

2. Materials like patented tubing & structure are available to be proven the good quality of products.

3. Provide HD products, HD product videos so that the clients can visualise the appearance of the chair. Besides, We have a professional photography team, according to your product promotion needs for your service,  so that your brand more competitive!

 Introducing Yumeya's First Distributor - ALUwood 2

Selling Support

1. Provide marketing manual systematically show you the advantages of metal wood grain chair  and make your know more about the product selling points.

2. Provide online training services and training video for your sales team to make your sales more understand Yumeyas products. We can also train your sales team face-to-face if conditions allow.

 Introducing Yumeya's First Distributor - ALUwood 3

Showroom Reproduction Project

Since 2022, our featured service Showroom Reproduction Project help our clients to create a appropriate showroom almost effortless. This service covers all aspects of the showroom including layout, decoration style and furniture display, with the aim of helping you to complete your showroom quickly and efficiently. 


 Introducing Yumeya's First Distributor - ALUwood 4



If you're also interested in joining our team as a distributor, we warmly welcome you to reach out. Let's grow together and bring our amazing products to even more customers worldwide! 


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