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Cafe Chair Price, , 1
Cafe Chair Price, , 2
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Product details of the cafe chair price

Product Information

Paying close attention to the design of cafe chair price is good for the Yumeya Chairs advertising. The product itself is a perfect embodiment of quality in Yumeya Chairs. Over the years in the market, this product has received no complaints from our customers.

Yumeya Dining chairs series 5508 is the most hot sale metal wood grain seating series. This series has includes side chair, arm chair and barstool. Besides, there are three back design, plain back, fan back and flower back. The client can select the suitable product base on your  decoration style and budget. As a young and dynamic enterprise, Yumeya attaches great importance to development. Every year, Yumeya will invest a lot of money in technology and product research and development. In 2019, Yumeya cooperated with a HK industrial designers. He has designed many successful cases for Maxim Group, and he is also the winner of 2017 Red Dot Design Award. Yumeya's chairs have become works of art that can touch the soul. At present, Yumeya has more than 1000 original designs and many patented technologies, including DouTM Powder Coat Technology and DiamondTM Technology.

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As a classic ghost chair, Louies chair has always been very popular all over the world. As a metal wood grain chair, Yumeya Louies chair have the solid wood texture and the strength of metal chair. At the same time, the price has also been greatly reduced, which makes this classic chair more popular and glow with new vitality. The unique round back design with flower pattern in the outer back, elegant tapered feet and smooth lines all explain the classics design of this dining chair. Made by 2.0 mm aluminum, YL1498 pass the strength test of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. Yumeya promise you 10 years frame warranty which can free you from worry of sale after service. Meanwhlie, YL1498 can stack 5 pcs high, that save 50-70% tranfert and storage cost. All these factor made this dining chair a good choice for Cafe, Nursing Home, Hotel, Wedding & Event use.

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Key Feature

1. Aluminum Frame with Yumeya’s pattern tubing & structure

---10 years frame warranty

---Pass strength test of EN 16139:2013 / AC: 2013 level 2 / ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012

---Can bear more than 500 pounds 


2. Metal wood grain finish

--- Get the wood look and touch through the wood grain finish.

---Various wood grain color option


Product Detail

In the philosophy of Yumeya Furniture, we think high-quality products should include 5 aspects, 'Safety', 'Comfortable', 'Standard', 'Excellent Details' and 'Value Package'.

1. Safety: Safety include two parts, strength safety and detail safety.

---Strength safety: with pattern tubing and structure, can bear more than 500 pounds

---Detail safety: well polish, smooth, without metal thorn, and will not scratch the user's hand

2. Comfortable: The design of the whole chair follows ergonomics. 

---101 Degrees, the best degree for the back and seat, giving the user the most comfortable sitting position.

---170 Degrees, perfect back radian, perfectly fit the back radian of the user.

---3-5 Degrees, the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine of the user.

3. Standard: It is not difficult to make one good chair. But for bulk order, only when all the chairs in one standard ‘same size’ ‘same look’, it can be high quality. Yumeya Furniture use Japan imported cutting machines, welding robots, auto upholstery machines, etc. to reduce human error. The size difference of all Yumeya Chairs is control within 3mm.

4. Excellent Details: The details that can be touched are perfect, which is a high-quality product.

---Smooth weld joint, no welding mark can be seen at all.

---Cooperated with TigerTM Powder Coat, world famous powder coat brand, 3 times more wear-resistant, daily scratch no way.

---65 m3/kg Mold Foam without any talc, high resilience and long lifetime, using 5 years will not out of shape.

---The martindale of all Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30,000 ruts, wear-resisting and easy for clean, suitable for commercial use.

---Perfect Upholstery, the line of cushion is smooth and straight.

5. Value Packag: There are two things for value package, effect protection and save space. Without sacrificing the comfort, Yumeya's engineering designers try all the best to improve the loading quantity to realize the highest cost performance of products. Meanwhile, all packages are subject to transportation simulation test to make sure chair in good protection.

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What it looks like in Dining (Cafe / Hotel / Senior Living)?

As Yumeya metal wood grain chair is compact and non porous, it will not breed bacteria and viruses. The price is only 20% - 30% of  solid wood chair, but its strength is larger than solid wood chair. Meanwhile, it is stackable and lightweight, that can reduce the difficulty and cost of later operation. With 10-years frame warranty, there is 0 maintenance cost and worry free after-sales. All these factors make shorten the return on investment cycle to be real. So now more and more commercial place, such as Hotel, Cafe, Clup, Nursing Home, Senior Living and so on, select Yumeya metal wood grain chairs instead of solid wood chair.

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Color Options

Yumeya provides a variety of surface treatments, including metal wood grain, powder coat, Dou powder coat, and more than 20 colors. You can choose the appropriate surface treatment according to your decoration style and budget, or you can consult your professional consultant for advice.

Wood Grain
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Powder Coat
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Dou TM
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Outdoor Powder Coat
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Company Feature

• Yumeya Chairs employs senior experts to provide technical guidance for the R&D and production of products, so as to improve product quality and open up a more wide market.
• Our company's geographic location is superior, and the traffic is convenient.
• Our series of products sell well in many parts of the country. And they are exported to the EU, Southeast Asia, the Americas and other regions.
• Since the establishment in Yumeya Chairs has always adhered to the development concept to be honest, professional, and innovative. During the development, we constantly pursue excellence and seek innovation. Now we become a modern enterprise with advanced technology and comprehensive equipment.
If you have any questions about products, feel free to contact Yumeya Chairs. We are delighted to serve you!

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