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Learn Which Commercial dining chairs You Should Choose For Your Cafe


The furniture and aesthetics of a restaurant come before its food. The visitors generate an opinion over the first look of the cafe, so you must choose your restaurant's commercial dining chairs cautiously. We've brought a guide for you to buy the best commercial dining chairs for your cafe! Stick to this blog and get tricks to make your visitors feel comfortable at your place.

Types Of Commercial dining chairs

The furniture holds the utmost importance while designing a cafe or planning an event. Choosing the type of chairs brings chaos as there are different types of commercial dining chairs in the market. Let me disclose the most popular commercial dining chairs. Give a wooden look to your metal chairs, and you are ready to go! The wooden furniture gives the place a natural vibe and makes it look environment-friendly. So the best ones to be used are wood grain metal chairs as they give an attractive look to your restaurant.

Learn Which Commercial dining chairs You Should Choose For Your Cafe 1

How Are Metal Chairs Of Wooden Look  Made?

1. First, the metal chair is covered with a coat of powder.

2. Secondly, the powdered coat is covered by wood grain paper.

3. Next, the heat transfer process is done so that the colour of wood grain paper can be transferred to the metal chair.

4. After colour transfer, the paper is removed.

In addition, you must take care of checking how precisely the metal is cut, the temperature and time of the heating process and how the chair is polished. This is how you get wood grain metal chairs for your cafe.

Benefits Of Metal Commercial dining chairs With Wooden Grain

1. Environment Friendly

Who doesn't love nature? Everyone wants to be as close to nature as possible. Not only do these environment-friendly chairs keep the natural ecosystems intact, but they also bring us humans, closer to nature.They use a very little amount of wood, and hence lesser trees have to be cut down. In addition, the material mainly used in it is metal which is highly recyclable.

2. No joints or unnecessary gaps

These metal wooden grain chairs are somewhat more resilient than simple metal ones. In a normal metal chair, gaps and joints are left, which are the major vulnerable points of the chair. In this, these gaps and joints are reinforced by wood grain. The joints are mainly covered with wood grain, so the larger seams are no longer seen.

3. A solid smooth texture

These commercial dining chairs have a smooth pattern due to the smooth wooden polish look. No fuzzy and irregular textures are seen. The covering is done on a metal surface, so there are no bumps or roughness in the texture of the chairs.

4. Cost-effective

As the core material is metal and not wood, the cost of these chairs is not as much as the typical wooden ones. Almost 70-80% lesser cost is observed in wood grain metal chairs. This is the main reason why they are mainly launched commercially nowadays.

5. Long-lasting

Wood grain products are known for their strength and durability. They are normally 5 times more durable than simply wooden or metal chairs. High strength and rigidity are ensured in these chairs. In this way, they are long-lasting, and once you buy them, they surely will be worth your money.

6. Easy to Carry

These chairs are also known for their lightweight. Normally, grain wood chairs are almost 50% lighter than normal wooden ones. This quality of theirs is something that makes them easier and more convenient to use. They are easy to carry around and can help if you want to change your dining locations.

Learn Which Commercial dining chairs You Should Choose For Your Cafe 2

7. Stackable

Wood grain commercial dining chairs have one more convenient feature: they can be staked on each other, requiring much less space. Almost 5-10 chairs can be stacked on each other without the risk of being damaged.


When planning a wedding or an event, or you are willing to open a cafe, the most difficult task is deciding on your furniture.We have discussed the commercial dining chairs, the benefits they provide you and the vibe they create in a space. If you need a natural and appealing look, you should get none other than wood grain metal chairs for your restaurant.

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