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A Successful Collaboration With Disney Newport Bay Club In France


We’re thrilled to showcase our collaboration with Disney Newport Bay Club, a popular 4-star hotel in Coupvray (France). Yumeya Furniture has successfully elevated the hotel’s banquet hall, dining, meeting areas with our range of stylish and functional furniture. This partnership highlights our commitment to providing exceptional solutions for hospitality venues.

 Introduction to Disney Newport Bay Club

Disney Newport Bay Club is a Cape Cod-style mansion set by the peaceful waters of Lake Disney®, and it's awash with maritime charm. Inside you'll find plenty of opportunities to relax in the welcoming ambiance of a New England sailing club. As well as a choice of restaurants and the Captain's Quarters bar, you'll find a swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool bath and fitness room.  For anyone who loves Disney characters or is looking for a comfortable hotel in France, the Disney Newport Bay Club presents itself as the ideal spot!

A Successful Collaboration With Disney Newport Bay Club In France 1

Yumeya Provides Effective Seating Solutions for Disney Newport Bay Club

The Disney Newport Bay Club is a pretty bustling place as thousands of guests visit it to experience Disney's magical moments. So when hoteliers are looking to replace their chairs with new ones, they want to find a reputable manufacturer that can produce quality banquet  chairs that complement the elegance and sophistication of the hotel's ballrooms and meeting spaces.

Banquet events are hard on furniture—the chairs and tables are constantly being stacked, moved, set up, spilled on, dragged around, and pushed back into storage. The choice to pick Yumeya as the supplier of chairs was an obvious one for the Disney Newport Bay Club. After all, Yumeyas chairs are stackable, durable, affordable, easy to clean, and carry a higher aesthetic value.

A Successful Collaboration With Disney Newport Bay Club In France 2

The Disney Newport Bay Club ordered a large quantity of stackable banquet chairs from Yumeya to provide a great seating solution for the hotel. Because Yumeyas banquet chairs are lightweight and stackable, it's easy for hotel staff to quickly set up the chairs according to the size of the event. The stackable feature even improves the utilization of space in the venue for easy storage. Furthermore, these banquet chairs are constructed with materials and fabrics that are easy to clean and sanitize, which not only helps to maintain the aesthetic value of the chairs for a long time, but also helps to put hotel visitors at ease. Due to the excellent utility of the Yumeya Chairs, they are a favourite at high profile business venues such as the Disney Newport Bay Club.

A Successful Collaboration With Disney Newport Bay Club In France 3

Another reason Disney Newport Bay Club partners with Yumeya is because of the super durability. At Yumeya Furniture, we understand the importance of quality, and Disney Newport Bay Club chooses our chairs for their proven durability and longevity. They have invested in pieces that will stand the test of time, ensuring that they don't have to replace bad chairs too often, which also saves on operational costs. All of Yumeyas chairs go through rigorous testing at the laboratory to ensure the highest level of quality and durability. From the ballrooms to the dining halls, Disney Newport Bay Club uses the best chairs from Yumeya.

A Successful Collaboration With Disney Newport Bay Club In France 4

End Note:

Yumeya Furniture provides custom furniture to branded Hotel chains and specialty projects all over the world. We are also confident that we are up to the task of supplying chairs to venues for major sporting events. At Yumeya we have a strong team of designers and engineers to maximise the realisation of our clients' visions and deliver quality products at competitive prices. Yumeya provides a first class service and consistently delivers excellent results.

Are you looking to transform your venue? Get in touch with Yumeya for a personalized consultation and explore our extensive range of furniture solutions tailored to your needs.

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