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A Great Development:The Wide Application of Metal Wood Grain Chairs


 By exploring and implementing the most advanced techniques and technologies, Yumeya has successfully positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of metal wood grain chairs. Since Mr. Gong invented the first metal wood grain chair in 1998, metal wood grain has ushered in 25 years of great development. Metal wood  grain chairs combine the clear wood texture with the durability of metal to create a unique seating experience. Over the past 25 years, with the advancement of technology and innovative thinking, the innovative application of metal wood grain chairs has completely changed the industry.

  Metal grain technology has evolved from limited utilization to widespread application, and products can be applied in various fields such as restaurants, wedding, senior living&health care, hotels, cruise ships, and even outdoor areas. Incorporate metal wood grain chairs into your event to elevate the overall ambiance and provide a seating solution that stands the test of time.

  • Hotel:   Metal wood grain banquet chairs have become a popular choice for hotels due to their elegance and durability. They enhance the overall atmosphere of the hotel, adding a touch of delicacy to the dining area and banquet hall. From ordinary banquet chairs to flex-back chairs, metal grain technology can cover everything, revolutionizing the appearance of traditional flex back chairs. Yumeya cooperates with the famous Tiger Powder Coat so that the metal wood grain chair can resist wear and tear in the busiest of venues, maintaining a good appearance for many years. A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  1
  • Restaurant: High end restaurants usually seek sleek and practical seating options, while metal wood grain dining chairs are very suitable. These chairs can create an enticing and upscale atmosphere, thereby enhancing the dining experience of your guests. Whether it's a bistro or a large restaurant,metal wood grain dining chairs complement various interior designs from classic to modern. By stacking the chairs, restaurant owners can easily adapt to different seating arrangements according to customer needs and minimize space for busy spaces.A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  2
  • Wedding and Rental: Metal wood grain chairs shine brightly in wedding venues, providing elegant seating solutions for romantic wedding ceremonies. They are beautiful and sophisticated, allowing them to seamlessly blend into any wedding theme or decoration. From classic romance to modern fashion, these wedding chairs can be decorated with chair covers or ribbons to match the wedding color palette. In addition, the easy to clean performance of these chairs makes them an ideal choice for wedding planners and event organizers.A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  3
  • Senior living: Metal wood grain chairs combine durability, elegance, and comfort. The wooden appearance adds a touch of natural atmosphere to the overall environment, meeting people's desire to get close to nature, creating a peaceful and warm atmosphere, which is very suitable for the elderly. These chairs are constructed of aluminum with excellent strength, providing sturdy support and making them a reliable choice for retirement homes. In addition, its ergonomic design ensures comfort when sitting for extended periods of time, resulting in a positive experience.A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  4
  • Outdoor areas: For a long time, metal wood grain can only be used indoors, through cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat, Yumeya finally developed the world's first outdoor Metal Wood Grain. The durability of the chair enables it to withstand frequent use and handling, as well as the harsh outdoor environments. After authoritative testing, Yumeya outdoor metal wood grain can maintain for many years without discoloration. The successful research and development of Outdoor Wood Grain makes Metal Wood Grain an effective supplement to solid wood in more fields.
  • Cruise Ship: The metal wood grain chair is made of high-quality aluminum material, lightweight but high-strength, and can withstand the harsh tests of frequent use in commercial environments. Lightweight is the best choice for cruise furniture. Metal wood grain chairs can be stacked, which is a crucial factor for efficient storage and space management in venues. The minimal storage space required when not in use is particularly beneficial for event organizers and venues with limited storage capacity. Metal wood grain chairs balance practicality and aesthetics.

 Now, metal wood grain technology is not limited to common square piping but for special piping such as chiavari chair At the same time, metal wood grain technology is not only used on chairs, but also in various forms applied to other furniture, such as tables, screens, and decorations

A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  5  A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  6        A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  7

Why metal wood grain can gradually become a popular choice in the industry

Here are some advantages of metal wood grain chairs:

  1. Elegant and Exquisite Appearance: The metal wood grain finish add a warm and pleasant atmosphere, bringing an elegant and exquisite feeling to any venues. The joints between piping can be covered with clear wood grain, without too large seams or no covered wood grain The whole chair is covered with clear wood grain that looks like a solid wood chair
  2. Durability and Long-lasting: Unlike traditional wooden chairs, the design of metal wood grain chairs is very durable . The metal frame ensures robustness and stability, while the wear resistance of metal wood grain is determined by the power. Since 2017, Yumeya operated with famous Tiger Powder Coat, Yumeya's metal wood grain is 5 times durable than the same product in the market. The chair can withstand the harsh test of frequent use in areas with high pedestrian traffic, making it a practical choice for business.
  3. Cost-effective and budget-friendly: Choosing wood grain metal chairs instead of solid wood chairs can greatly reduce your operating costs. Metal wood grain chairs are 50% -60% cheaper than solid wood chairs of the same quality level. Yumeya metal wood grain chair can bear 500 pounds and has a 10-year frame and molded foam warranty. 0 $after-sales costs eliminate after-sales concerns, and you don't need to frequently replace expensive furniture. The stacking function of chairs can also help you save over 50% on transportation or daily storage costs.


Consider starting your new business with Yumeya metal wood grain chairs, as their aesthetics and durability will definitely leave a deep impression. Looking ahead, Yumeya Furniture will continue to be committed to creating a larger market for customers through continuous innovation and expansion. Standing on the new starting point of the Metal Wood Grain Technology 25th anniversary and looking forward to the next 25 years.

A Great Development:The Wide Application of  Metal Wood Grain Chairs  8

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