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A Blend of Style And Function : Yumeya L-Shape Flex Back Chair


When looking at hotel chair seating there are a lot of different things to look for. A phrase you might see appearing quite often during your search is the term flex back” . But what exactly is a flex back and what is the benefit of a flex back? In this article, I will introduce Yumeya’s flex back chair to dispel your doubts.

 What is flex back chair ?

 A flex back chair has a back that tilts as the person seated moves or applies pressure on the back.  The flex-back mechanism add comfort to the chair by allowing your customers to lean back and get comfy, instead of hitting the unmoving pieces of a standard back.In general, the flex-back mechanism ensures unrivaled comfort, adapting seamlessly to the user's movements. Redefine luxury in every seated moment.

 Now flex back chair is popular choice in hotel banquet halls, meeting rooms and some high-end restaurants. Because of the best back support, the flex back chairs encourage your guests spend hours on sitting without feeling uncomfortable. Meanwhile, when your guests sit in comfortable chairs, it can enhance their focus on the meeting and interest in the event. For example, when customers feel comfortable they stay longer; when they stay longer, they spend more, so more and more restaurant owners tend to opt for comfortable furniture with features like flex backs.

A Blend of Style And Function : Yumeya L-Shape Flex Back Chair 1

Introduce Yumeya “L shape” Flex Back Chair

  It's not uncommon to see flex back chairs on the market or you may have been primed for them, but we're going to explore how the Yumeya L-shape flex back chair stands out from the rest here!

A Blend of Style And Function : Yumeya L-Shape Flex Back Chair 2

  Nowadays, the raw materials for the L-shape flex chips of flex back chairs can generally be divided into steel and aluminum. Look at the market, while our competitors may use steel for the construction of L-shaped flex chips in their chairs ,we have chosen a different path. At Yumeya, we always use aluminum L-shaped flex chips for the rocking back function, regardless of whether the chair's frame is aluminum or steel. What's more, the aluminum L-shaped chip we use is the thickest compared to other versions on the market so that it achieves a longer lasting value.  

  A lot of flex back chair manufacturers always use steel L-shaped flex chips to construct flex back chairs. Not surprisingly, the reason for this is to save on their production costs since steel is so much cheaper than aluminum. This allows low-end chair manufacturers to reduce production costs at the expense of durability! The end result is a flimsy, non-durable and uncomfortable flex back chair that loses its value after a year or two of use.

A Blend of Style And Function : Yumeya L-Shape Flex Back Chair 3

Unique Design --Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Flex Back Chair

Factories driven solely by profits may compromise the creation of innovative designs, leaving us stuck with pretty much identical products flooding the furniture market. One such example is the flex back chair, featuring an indifferent&single powder coating color and is prone to scratches, making it difficult to arouse the interest of buyers. Yumeya has recognized this drawback and taken it upon ourselves to break the mold. We've revolutionized the traditional flex back chair by introducing a breathtaking metal wood grain design, bringing a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your banquets and events.

Wood grain appearance meet the desire to closing to nature, feel the warmth of wood on metal chair. Sitting on the wood grain flex back banquet chair, people can get the warmth from the solid wood texture instead of the cold metal temperature. This is also a visual impact on the traditional flex back chair, bringing a strong sense of freshness to people. 

A Blend of Style And Function : Yumeya L-Shape Flex Back Chair 4

Besides, metal wood grain flex back chair is as high as metal chair. It connects different tubing by welding, which will not be loosen and crack as solid wood chair when there is change of humidity and temperature in the air. Since 2017, Yumeya cooperate with Tiger Powder Coat, a world famous professional metal powder brand. Now Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain has great wear resistance and is 3 times durable than the same product in the market. Yumeya metal wood grain chair can maintain its good look for years even used in the high-traffic commercial places.


The Bottom Line

Our innovative flex back chair is designed to deliver unparalleled features, comfort, and durability like no other. Unlike competitors who rely on cheaper steel alternatives, Yumeya has gone above and beyond by incorporating strong and reliable aluminum L-shaped flex chips into our chairs. This commitment to using high-quality materials ensures exceptional robustness and longevity, setting us apart from the rest. From its unmatched features to its supreme comfort and outstanding resilience, the Yumeya Flex Back Chair excels in providing the ultimate seating solution for all your needs. Yumeya Furniture is a reliable place where you can get a wide range of options for buying chairs for Hotel/ Nursing/Wedding/Restaurant.

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