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5 Reasons to Buy Metal Chairs for Restaurants


Commercial restaurant chairs can be found in different materials like wood, plastic, resin, and metal. If we look at wood in particular, chairs made from it can be difficult to maintain. Not to mention that wooden chairs can lose their charm over time and even break down from heavy usage.

Plastic chairs are easy to maintain but they don't send a good signal to the guests of the restaurants. Let's face it, plastic chairs look cheap and can jeopardize the reputation of your restaurant.

On the contrary, metal chairs appear as the ideal choice in terms of easy maintenance, durability, and endless design/color options. That's why our today's blog post will uncover 5 reasons to buy metal chairs for restaurants!


Space Efficiency

Metal restaurant dining chairs are lightweight and commonly available in stackable designs. Both of these features make them a great choice for restaurants as they have to maximize their available space. The lightweight nature of metal chairs makes it easy for restaurants to optimize or rearrange their seating arrangements. Similarly, the stackable features enable restaurants and other commercial spaces to store a lot of metal chairs in a limited space.

Let's say that your restaurant is currently using non-stackable chairs and each one has a width of 20 inches. In this case, you can only store 5 chairs in a space of 100 square inches at best. But if you switch to stackable metal chairs, you could easily stack up to 5 pieces. In this case, a space of 100 square inches could be used to store up to 25 chairs easily!

The stackable design of metal chairs is also beneficial for swift reconfigurations as restaurants can easily accommodate varying crowd sizes or events. Here's a quick example to illustrate the benefit of this easy reconfiguration:

Let's assume that up to 100 guests on average are normally present at your restaurant. In that case, you would only have seating arrangements for these people only. But if suddenly 200 guests go into your restaurant, you would have to increase the seating arrangement quickly.

In a scenario like this, metal restaurant chairs truly shine due to their stackable design. The management can easily take the stored chairs from the storage room and set up seating arrangements within minutes (let's not forget that metal chairs are also very lightweight).

 5 Reasons to Buy Metal Chairs for Restaurants 1

Improved Hygiene and Health Standards

A restaurant or any other place in the hospitality industry needs to hold the highest hygiene and health standards. Once again, metal chairs emerge as the winner due to their physical properties.

Metals like steel and aluminum are non-porous while wood and plastic are porous. This means there's very little chance of drinks (liquid) or food (solids) getting stuck into the surface of steel/aluminum chairs. This directly leads to less risk of bacterial or any other viral contaminations from these chairs as compared to wood/plastic chairs. Being non-porous also makes the metal chairs easy to clean and maintain which has become very important in the post-pandemic dining landscape.

The smooth and hard surface of metal chairs allows for easy sanitation as even the harsh cleaning materials have no effect on them. As a result, steel restaurant chairs or other metallic options make it easy for commercial spaces to meet the stringent health codes and regulations.


Trendy Industrial Aesthetic

Want to know another great benefit of metal chairs for restaurants? These chairs are in trend these days due to their natural industrial aesthetics!

If your restaurant has a modern or contemporary design, these metal chairs will just fit right into the existing theme with no effort. Metal chairs are known for their minimalistic shapes, sleek lines, and utilitarian charm. All of these properties make them a great choice for setting up a modern and chic ambiance in a restaurant or other establishments. So, if you want to adopt raw and industrial aesthetics in your space, consider the steel or aluminum chairs. The incorporation of metal furniture will allow you to add an edgy and urban touch to the dining space. This will also allow you to attract the design-conscious clientele to your establishment.

Another great thing about the metal chairs is that they are available in a variety of styles and color options. From matte black to brushed steel, you can find the ideal color of chairs to complement the unique vision of your restaurant.


Affordable and Cost-Effective

Metallic chairs tend to be far more durable than chairs made from other materials but that's just one side of the equation... You would be surprised to know that choosing metal chairs for your restaurant is also an affordable and cost-effective decision.

For example, the cost of buying wooden commercial restaurant chairs can easily get really high. On the contrary, the upfront cost of metallic cafe and restaurant chairs is more affordable and cost-effective. When you throw in the additional benefits of metal such as durability and easy maintenance, it becomes clear that these metal chairs are the ideal winner.

Another fact that is most often missed by restaurants is that their chairs go through a lot of wear and tear. So, over the course of a few months or a year at best, they usually need to replace or repair the chairs. However, you can forget about frequent replacements or similar problems by opting for metallic chairs.

The bottom line is that you have to spend less money on buying metallic chairs. At the same time, they can last for a long time without the need for frequent replacements or repairs. So, if you are looking to make a smart and economical choice for your restaurant, consider steel/aluminum chairs.

 5 Reasons to Buy Metal Chairs for Restaurants 2

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Wood chairs look good but they are not good for outside use. Thus, if your restaurant has a place to sit outside, you cannot use wood chairs there! Humidity and rain can harm the wooden chairs after some time, which is a big disadvantage for using them outside. However, metal chairs can be used inside and outside... They resist elements like rain, dust, or sunlight without getting scratched at all.

However, if we consider alternative choices such as chairs made of wood or plastic, they may develop cracks or their colors can become less vibrant because of changes in temperature.

The advantage of metal chairs allows your restaurant to use the same design for chairs inside and outside. This matching furniture look helps create a unified and attractive environment in your restaurant.

If you are looking for chairs for indoor and outdoor usage, like in a balcony or patio space, choosing metal chairs is an obvious choice.


Where to Buy Commercial Metal Restaurant Chairs?

After reading through all the benefits of metal restaurant chairs, the obvious next step is to ask where to buy metal chairs for restaurant wholesale. If you search on the internet, you will find numerous chair manufacturers. However, when it comes to quality, variety, and reliability, Yumeya remains at the forefront.

Yumeya Furniture specializes in providing a diverse range of restaurant metal chairs in different colors, styles, and themes. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that each metal chair is not only durable but also designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant.

Elevate your restaurant seating with Yumeya's metal chairs today which offer the perfect blend of functionality and design excellence.

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