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Best Armchair :3 I Need Help!!! 10 Pts ;)?

higher back chairs are the most comfortable, as they support your head better

Best Armchair :3 I Need Help!!! 10 Pts ;)? 1

1. Is there any way to "paint" or dye the fabric of an armchair?

Yes you can. But I would look at directions for use on furniture very carefully

2. To all you armchair economists out there, what is the biggest mistake our country made, economically speaking?

I completely agree with you about the federal reserve, and the unreal amounts of spending from the current and previous administration

Best Armchair :3 I Need Help!!! 10 Pts ;)? 2

3. my uncle pees in his armchair all the time please what can i say to get it through it's GROSS?

He should be wearing and Adult diaper if he can not control his bladder. Failing that, put his armchair on a dolly, and wheel him outside on the porch or the backyard and spread some sawdust around him explaining that if he wants to be like a barnyard animal, then he will be treated like one. I know that sounds a little harsh, but if he is not going to care for himself, you might want to consider sending him to a care facility, as clearly he can not care for himself.

4. How many of you are armchair presidents with the solution?

The solution to what, has bush been causing problems?

5. Why do military theorists,armchair critics, and wargamers think war is easy?

i dont think they beleive war is easy, but many ancient generals made critical errors that they could ahve accounted for. its just easy for them to look at the past and say "hurr hurr thats stupid of them to do that" doesnt mean that their opinion means anything it just means they like to point out the obvious

6. As a right winger what do you think, is India losing its democratic soft power (secularism, Pluralism, tolerance) or is it just whims and fancies of armchair liberals?

When was India secular according to how liberals want it? Was it during 1984 riots? Was it during 2002 riots?All of this is nothing but liberals' fake nostalgia. Many do not like current government so they think that India was once a liberal haven though the same liberals point out how India has reeked of intolerance and hate and how we should vote them to change that.For liberals, India becomes intolerant when they are not in power.

7. Will you "armchair" this one for me, please? Concerning the U.S. and Iran?

I am afraid it's hopeless to expect good judgment from the current administration. I am getting the creepy feeling that they actually want to bring on Armageddon, to hustle forward the day of Rapture, Jesus returning, all that stuff. I do not believe in all that, but I am afraid Bush does, and has surrounded himself with people who do. Frankly, I am very scared. I believe it is time to initiate impeachment proceedings, first against Cheney and then Bush. Otherwise, we could have President Cheney **SHUDDER!!!**

8. Please be my armchair therapist - I need relationship advice.?

he has obviously been through ALOT and that has changed him dearly, this must be extremely hard for both of you and its soo sad. But maybe he is right and life in his hometown is better, he will be happier which in return should make you happier. He is not letting you talk to him now which is a sign that he still has feelings for you. All i can say is i wish the best of luck to you!

9. I dreamt of small black snakes coming out of the armchair I was sitting on. I also got up and shot all of them, and then I shot their large, green, u2018motheru2019. What does this mean?

In my very limited experience dream interpretation requires a conversation where the dreamer answers key questions:Most important question is what are the feelings that you were having during this dream? Fear? Anger? Revenge? Horror? Or something else (these feelings reflect my disposition to what you describe but might not be what you were feeling at all).Was this armchair familiar to you-like a favorite chair? Or was it just any chair?Did you feel differently shooting the small snakes versus the large one?What do the colors black and green bring to mind or signify for you?Snakes can signify different things in different cultures; also colors can signify different things.Without answers to these questions, I would be trying to interpret it as if it were MY dream. Here is what it might mean to me:The snakes would relate to the Bible and God and my feelings about the story of Adam and Eve-which always struck me as God knowing that Adam and Eve were weak and fallible and then set them up and punished them for being weak and fallible. So my feeling would probably be confusion, betrayal, and disappointment, as well as fear if I experienced the dream you describe because I find snakes a bit scary.The small snakes would likely feel overwhelming as I tried to shoot them all and then the big green snake might signify the real problem for me. Since it is green and that makes me think of money-the root of the problem for me would be about money.Now that I have some of the internal feelings and possible symbols that make sense for me, I would then go on to ask three more questions:Is anything about the dream an echo of something recent? (Maybe I was watching a snake documentary the day before and it appears meaningless as residue in my dream). If no residue, then...Is there something happening money-related in my life that has made me feel overwhelmed, anxious, and possibly betrayed? Maybe I have too many tasks at work due to another employee dropping the ball? Or maybe I have been racing to finish assignments to get a big bonus?I consider what might be happening in my life that reflects the feelings and the symbols in the dream and many times I am able to land on the meaning behind the dream. I have been able to do this with people that I am close to as well. How do I know I got the interpretation correct? Usually there is this feeling in my chest similar to the feeling of exhaling and feeling peace. It is like I found the correct answer to a complex math problem and I know it is correct. The people I have helped also say they suddenly just know that is the reason for the dream.Again, this is not effective without the person who had the dream answering the questions from their own viewpoint, experience, and cultural symbolism

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Poltrona da pranzo in alluminio a grana di legno di fascia alta YW5603 Yumeya
Poltrona da pranzo in alluminio a grana di legno stile francese YW5572 Yumeya
Poltrona da caffè di lusso in alluminio a grana di legno in stile francese YW5544 Yumeya
Poltrona da pranzo professionale in alluminio a venature di legno all'ingrosso YW5533 Yumeya
Poltrona di qualità in alluminio a grana di legno più larga Yumeya YW5646

Come uno dei principali produttori mondiali di mobili in grano di legno metallico, Yumeya è impegnata nella ricerca di venature del legno metallico. Ci sono tre vantaggi della venatura del legno di metallo di Yumeya, "Nessun giunto e nessun gap", "Clear", "Durable". Per ottenere un tocco su una sedia di metallo, Yumeya ha lanciato la prima sedia in legno 3D al mondo nel 2018.

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